[E3 2019] Introducing Opera GX: The world’s first gaming browser


Here’s something we didn’t see coming. The company behind the Opera web browser has just unveiled Opera GX: the world’s first gaming browser with a gaming-inspired design and features. With over 1.2 billion PC gamers worldwide, the new browser features gamer-centric options including the ability to limit CPU and RAM usage.

“Opera GX is built for people who love games and spend a lot of time building their setups. We want to give them a browser to perfectly match their beautiful machines. I have a strong feeling this browser will resonate with the gaming world.” 

Krystian Kolondra, EVP at Opera browsers

With the GX Control Panel, users of the new browser can limit the amount of CPU and RAM it uses with a simple click of a button. Once enabled, the browser will stay within these limits, allowing the computer to devote that usage to other activities like gaming.

Twitch user? The new browser has you covered as well with Twitch integration directly in the sidebar. In addition to being able to easily log in to your Twitch account, the browser will also notify you when streamers they follow go live. The sidebar also includes shortcuts to popular gaming apps like Discord, YouTube, and Reddit.

And it doesn’t stop there. Other features of the new Opera GX gaming browser includes:

  • GX Corner: the latest gaming news and curated gaming deals
  • Console inspired gaming design, sound effects, and colour schemes
  • Exclusive gaming-styled browser wallpaper
  • Razer Chroma integration
  • Easy access to Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Vkontakte messenger apps
  • Video pop out function
  • Built-in ad blocker

Check it out in action below:

“At Opera, we want to set a new standard in browsing. Today, no other browser is even close to having the kind of feature set you will find in Opera, and we hope people will enjoy the new additions coming with Opera GX”.

Krystian Kolondra

Early access to Opera GX Level 1 starts today and can be downloaded from the Opera website.

What do you think about the Opera GX gaming browser? Do you think it’s something you’ll download and use? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or MeWe.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.

Opera GX Gaming Browser

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