Infographic: Interested in automating your life with tech? Here’s how


In our busy days and overpacked schedules, there’s nothing more precious than time. For the fabulously wealthy and the struggling freelancers, everyone gets the same amount of time in a day. That’s why making the most of the time we do have is all the more important. Some want to work more efficiently in order to have more free time at the end of the day, or and others want to be more productive to get ahead in their industry.

This constant push for efficiency has driven some of the greatest inventions of modern life. The assembly line ushered in a new industrial era, and the internet created an easy means of communication. Yet with our new modern lifestyles didn’t necessarily mean more time for ourselves. Whether in our jobs or caring for our families, there seem to be even more micro-tasks we’re responsible for in a day. How can we reclaim some of our lives back from emails, texts, and endless responsibilities?

One way to do this is through automation. For all the repeatable tasks in your life, there’s a way to take the burden of them off your shoulders. Though technology has made our lives more complex, we can also use it to take some of the more boring tasks off our plates and create more time in our day.

At work, try using an email application to schedule recurring messages, and switch to a more efficient project management system to cut back on needless meetings. At home, try using a grocery service to cut down on the time spent waiting in line. You can even save money through automation. You can avoid late fees with automatic payments, and increase your savings with scheduled cash-back. For more tips on automating your life, check out this infographic by Turbo:

how to automate your life IG

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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