Soundbrenner launches The Core watch for musicians


Before January of this year, I’d never heard of Soundbrenner. It wasn’t until I happened upon a small booth at CES 2019 that I became aware of Soundbrenner and The Core. The company gave me a small demo at CES 2019 which resulted in awarding the device a Best of CES 2019.

Being a guitar player and having played in bands myself, I was impressed with what The Core offered. The demo Soundbrenner presented was with a prototype unit at the time but now they’ve announced they will be shipping a finished product soon. The company plans on officially announcing The Core at NAMM 2019, which is a perfect venue considering it is for musicians.

“Since the start, Soundbrenner has always been focused on removing the friction tied to music practice. We’re eager to help the millions of people who try but fail in their musical aspirations. The Soundbrenner Core is a music tool that gets out of the way rather than in your way. It’s already a tremendous success, and with it, we will continue to grow our supportive community of over 500,000 monthly active users around the world,” said Florian Simmendinger, Co-Founder and CEO of Soundbrenner.

The Soundbrenner Core combines the accuracy of professional music tools with the convenience of wearable technology; including a vibrating metronome, magnetic contact tuner, dB meter, and all packed into one multipurpose watch.

Soundbrenner The Core

You can pair multiple Core’s so everyone in the band has a metronome on their wrist which eliminates the need for the annoying click track in your IEM’s. The Soundbrenner Core combines the accuracy of professional music tools with the convenience of wearable technology. Seamlessly integrated with a watch, you will always have your tools with you, whether you’re practicing at home, recording in the studio, or even performing on stage.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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