The Samsung Serif TV gets QLED technology and Ambient Mode for 2019


The Samsung Serif TV isn’t a TV for everyone. The market for this type of TV is probably pretty narrow. The Samsung Serif TV is Samsung’s idea of art meeting technology. The company intended this TV to be a work of art on display but also work as a normal TV. They call it a “lifestyle TV.” While this device isn’t going to be for everyone, there are some users who are looking to buy it and there is good news for them.

The Samsung Serif TV will now have QLED technology and Ambient Mode for 2019. The company says the Serif with QLED technology blends into the decor of your home instead of being a big slab of technology in the middle of your home.

“We first launched The Samsung Serif TV in 2016 to reimagine the TV design experience for consumers into a gateway for personal expression in the home,” said Andrew Sivori, Vice President, TV Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “The latest manifestation of this approach combines exceptional picture quality, innovative design features and smart functionalities to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind TV offering.”

The Serif is the stunning result of a unique collaboration between the award-winning design duo Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and Samsung. Blurring the lines between furniture and technology, The Serif challenges consumers to think about how the TV fits into their homes and their lives. Defined by a single frame and drawing inspiration from the simple elegance of typography, The Serif forms a distinct “l” shape, designed to be appreciated from any angle.

The Serif offers the type of performance that users have come to expect from a Samsung television. With just one touch via Bluetooth, users can play music directly from their smartphones to their Serif TV. This year, the Serif also features the brilliant picture quality of QLED with deeper contrasts, darker blacks and 100% color volume. The result is a sophisticated form factor – one that combines a pristine display with the look and feel of top-of-the-line furniture.


The Samsung Serif TV’s sleek, minimalist features are meant to blend seamlessly into the home. The Serif adds new aesthetic and practical value with Samsung’s Ambient Mode, which enables the TV to set the mood or fade into the background, depending on user preference. In Ambient Mode, the TV can artfully display useful information like the time, forecast and the day’s headlines.

It can also transform into another platform for art by displaying professional photographs, customizable design patterns and family photos. Exclusive to Serif, Ambient Mode also features a Bouroullec Palette, offering users 10 exclusive palettes – two patterns (Fabric & Leaf) in five different colors.

The 55” Serif TV is now available in white for $1,599.99 on and at select retailers.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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