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The winner has been chosen and will be contacted. Please see comments below for the winning reader! Congrats to Sy Bernot!

What was the first video game you ever played? If you’re anything like us, you’re harboring fond memories of those Halcyon days, perhaps even more so than any other early childhood recollection. From Super Mario Bros. to Crash Bandicoot, we’ve got a wide range of early video game experiences, but we all share one thing in common: our first video game felt magical. We still remember sitting in front of the TV, staring in awe as we controlled the images on the screen.

If you’re getting misty-eyed at this opening screed, then we strongly recommend you consider checking out Poki. Their mission is to create an open, welcoming, and fun internet playground for everyone. Poki has thousands of games, many of which you’ll recognize as mobile hits available on your browser for the first time (although they’re far superior here thanks to native keyboard and mouse support). The site welcomes over 30 million visitors each month, so that’s a testimonial in and of itself.

The most ingenious part of Poki isn’t its massive game selection, its pick-up-and-play convenience, or its ability to cater to any flavor of gamer. No, indeed; the best thing about Poki is being able to access it on any device. The tech genius behind Poki’s responsive design means you can play a huge number of its games on any device. Feeling like some mobile gaming? No problem — just fire up your browser and head to Poki. Wanting something on your desktop? Poki will provide.

Of course, that’s not to say Poki doesn’t have all the features above. It does indeed have a huge, diverse range of games on offer for gamers of all shapes, sizes, and persuasions. If you’re into blasting enemies into dust, you’ll find lots to love, but Poki’s also perfect for more contemplative puzzle-type affairs. Everyone from armchair generals to soldiers of fortune will find something to love on Poki thanks to its massive catalog.

Poki Amazon gift card

Poki’s even perfect for a particularly underserved niche in browser-based gaming: the strategy aficionado. Lots of online games involve action, adventure, puzzling, and racing, but there are precious few games you can play right from your browser that incorporate thinking and clever decision-making. Well, if you’re hankering for a spot of strategy gaming, you should look no further than Poki. Specifically, you should look no further than ZeptoLab’s excellent C.A.T.S.

So, what is C.A.T.S.? The acronym stands for Crash Arena Turbo Stars. It’s a game in which you’ll build intricate machines piloted by intrepid cats full of derring-do. Each bout pits your machine against someone else’s, and the winner is the one who emerges with all their machine’s parts intact. If you’re an animal lover, have no fear: the cats don’t actually get harmed. It’s rather adorable, actually, watching the little felines float from their ejector seats sheepishly waving their white flags.

There’s plenty to love for the thinking gamer in C.A.T.S. Each round consists of a build phase and a combat phase. During the build phase, you assemble a bot to beat your opponents into submission. You’ll have to choose the right body, weigh the wheels correctly, and add weapons that will make your enemy tremble in fear. Combat plays itself out automatically, with the parts you assembled during the build phase contributing to your overall performance.

Poki Amazon Gift Card

Each time you win a round, you’ll unlock new parts to use for your bot. Some parts are shared between the combatants of each fight, so you’ll both have access to those. Others are uniquely yours, which means your opponent won’t be able to see it coming when you smash them into nothingness with your massive spinning drill. The feeling of catharsis that comes from C.A.T.S. really has to be experienced to be believed, so you should go play C.A.T.S. on Poki now.

To celebrate C.A.T.S. being on Poki, and to celebrate gaming in general, the good folks at our new favorite website (Techaeris of course) are holding a little giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a US$100 Amazon gift card to be spent on whatever you like. We don’t recommend using it to assemble a robot for your cat to battle other cats in, no matter how much Mr. Whiskers tells you that’s what he wants. Buy something nice for yourself. Mr. Whiskers will probably build his own battle bot.

To enter the giveaway below, all you need to do is answer the following question. If you could create a sequel to C.A.T.S. with its own acronym-tastic title and its own animal star, what would it be? The more honking and contrived the pun here, the better. If you can manage to wrangle an acronym out of “hippopotamus”, you’re in with a good chance. We’ll give the prize to the person with the most creative answer that makes us laugh. Best of luck in the giveaway!

Poki Amazon Gift Card

Rules for the Poki US$100 Amazon Gift Card giveaway

  • Answer this question in the comments below: If you could create a sequel to C.A.T.S. with its own acronym-tastic title and its own animal star, what would it be?
  • Only ONE comment per person and no replying to other comments
  • The giveaway length will be 3-weeks
  • Share this post somewhere on social media (Facebook, Twitter, MeWe, LinkedIn) with the hashtags #PokiGiveaway and #Techaeris (this is NOT required but very much appreciated to get the word out)
  • Winner will be selected by random number generator in 3 weeks and notified within a week
  • Winner will be given an Amazon Gift Card code via email, we cannot guarantee it will work in any country aside from the United States. If the winner is not in the U.S. they accept the risk that the gift card code may not work for them.

That’s the rules, please be sure to follow them exactly and best of luck to all.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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