Different ways automation can impact HR teams


Automation is revolutionizing the way things are done in several industries, and this includes the HR industry. The changes automation is bringing are quite helpful. The following are a few things HR teams and employers can expect, thanks to automation.

Resume Sourcing

For a long time, HR representatives had to search through recruitment portals that were definitely helpful, but there weren’t many intelligent platforms to use like there are today. A good example is LinkedIn that uses algorithms to help recruiters find relevant resumes from active members.

It also allows the HR team to post job advertisements that are going to appear to past and active members of the site, who might be a good fit for the position. The algorithm can even find the right video resume, which becomes the go-to resume presentation option for many employees.

Onboarding Streamlined

Recruits were expected to carry all sorts of documents and fill them out during the onboarding process. All these documents had to be turned into the HR department, where they were likely scanned and stored. This process was time-consuming, even though it was necessary, but automation is making things a little easier.

For one, the HR team can pre-record introductions and training sessions. Documents can be shared online along with fillable documents that can be turned in online and stored in a cloud rather than heavy file cabinets. The HR team can let employees deal with that part on their own, and focus on other hands-on training sessions.

Enhanced Management

Managing is perhaps one of the most time-consuming tasks an HR team tackles, but it can be drastically improved with good recruitment software. An HR representative had to send physical paper forms to team members and collect those forms in a timely matter, sometimes even follow up with team members who were taking too long.

The paperwork had to be reviewed by hand numerous times to make sure no mistakes were made. The data collected by the HR team is the same data that could help employees know what career choices they had within the company, and give employers a chance to see the potential of their pool of employees. Good automation software simplifies this by collecting files online and reviewing information on its own, highlighting issues in a matter of moments.

HR Teams
The information gathered here, once compared to the rest of the employees, can tell employers they might be losing or gaining engagement.


HR analytics is important because it helps inform upper management about trends concerning employees. These trends can allow upper management to make better decisions regarding hiring practices and training. For example, HR analytics can focus on employee engagement and overall employee productivity levels over time.

The information gathered here, once compared to the rest of the employees, can tell employers they might be losing or gaining engagement. The problem is this takes a long time, except with automation all of this information will be analyzed without the HR representative having to do it him or herself. The information can be easily shared using cloud services, so employers can keep an eye on engagement and other aspects of the organization that is being analyzed.

Time Well Spent

The free time the HR department should earn after automating some of the aforementioned tasks could give the team more time to spend with employees.

Getting to know each employee can turn up even better data since a computer cannot get to know a person the way a human being can. The time spent with employees can also help HR representatives get ahead of any issues that might be boiling up. Dissatisfaction and other similar issues could be addressed head-on without letting it disturb productivity.

These are just some ways an HR department could be affected through automation software, but there are more things that can be improved, like the payroll process and rewards along with compliance reports and much more. It is easy to see that an HR team needs to stay up-to-date with some of the automation tools available to them. This will not only help them, but it will help the company stay as competitive as it can.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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