Parrot stops manufacturing toy drones to focus on Afani line up


The first drone I got was made by Parrot and it was great. The company also makes toy drones that people can get to fly around the house or have kids play with it before fully getting into a larger drone that will require more proficiency. Now, the company is going to shift away from making mini drones and focus on one specific drone line up.

Parrot has been slowly moving away from making mini toy drones for a few years but a spokesperson has confirmed that they have stopped production of all drones except for the Afani line up. The Mambo and Swing drones are the ones that Parrot will stop making and while they may still be available in retailers, you won’t be seeing them for much longer.

In a drone world where DJI is dominating, Parrot moving out of the lower end consumer devices is good since it’ll give the company time to work on high-end drones to go up against DJI in the long run.

The Afani drone line up is Parrot’s consumer and professional camera drone that gets updated with various photo and video features. One version even comes equipped with a thermal camera.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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