Ringless voicemail: 7 things businesses should know


Most companies devote time to calling current and potential customers to let them know about updated orders, new deals, and changes to their products or services. But this can take a lot of time and effort.

Fortunately, ringless voicemail is an option. A ringless voicemail system allows businesses to send a pre-recorded message right to consumers’ voicemail. If this sounds intriguing to you, here are a few things you’ll need to know about ringless voicemail systems.

It can be used for a variety of tasks

More and more businesses are starting to see the major benefits ringless voicemail offers, especially its variety of uses. Whether it’s to send customers reminders about appointments, maintenance, or other services, or to contact customers about an outstanding order, ringless voicemail can be used in several ways.

This can be especially beneficial regarding marketing tactics because companies can use this system to reach out to both leads and current or past customers.

Consumers won’t be charged for the voicemail

One concern about calling customers without actually speaking to them is whether or not they’ll be charged — will the phone call be covered in their phone plan? Fortunately, ringless voicemail is designed so that customers are never charged for these calls. The call won’t show up on their phone bill and it will be received like a regular voicemail.

It has legal guidelines you must follow

While there are some groups who question the legality of ringless voicemail, it is currently legal in the United States. There are laws like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act — created and monitored by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) — that regulate what kind of calls can be made to consumers without obtaining their permission first.

But as of now, utilizing a ringless voicemail system is legal under the right conditions. It’s still always best if you get the customer’s permission first, and telemarketing laws still apply.

Companies can record messages themselves

Sending a message to consumers’ voicemail boxes is not the most personal method, but companies do have the option to record the message themselves. This means one, or more, employees can record the message that consumers will hear. This allows companies to put a personal touch on the message and put their personality into the recording.

It can be paired with other marketing tactics

While ringless voicemail systems work great on their own, they can work even better when used with other marketing tactics. In order to get the point across as best as possible, companies should consider sending a ringless voicemail and then a follow-up email to ensure the message is received.

Voicemails can be left at anytime

Unlike most business phone calls that should be made only during business hours, ringless voicemails can be left at any time. Because consumers’ phones won’t actually ring, companies don’t have to worry about disturbing them.

Companies can send voicemails first thing in the morning, late at night, or any other time. Leaving voicemails at irregular hours may help catch consumers’ attention, too.

Businesses will save resources

Normally, businesses need to hire employees who put time and effort into making phone calls to a list of people — and unfortunately, these calls are often ignored. But when companies utilize a ringless voicemail system, they can save resources. Employees won’t waste their time sitting on the phone all day and can instead put their efforts into other parts of the business. While using ringless voicemail systems does cost money, it’s a cost-effective solution.

Using ringless voicemail can offer endless benefits, especially for companies who want to focus on a wide variety of marketing methods at once. From freeing up employees’ time to reaching people more easily, ringless voicemail is a great option for marketing and communication efforts.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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