Unusual marketing ideas that pack a big punch


Any business owner knows the importance of a good marketing plan. Executing your marketing strategy can make or break your business’s sales and brand awareness, so it goes without saying that businesses need to find ways to stand out. But in a world where consumers are constantly being inundated with marketing tactics of all kinds, how do you ensure potential customers see what you have to offer and remember your name? You’ll have to be unique.

The following unusual marketing ideas will pack a big punch and help your business generate leads and close sales.

Sponsor an event

Sponsoring an event is a great way to gain exposure while also supporting your community. The best part is that sponsoring an event doesn’t have to be big or expensive. It can be simply paying for the food at an elementary school’s soccer game, donating items to a pet shelter or rescue for an event, or helping prepare for a town play. The goal of your marketing campaign is to get your name out there as much as you can, and what better way to do so than by giving back to the community?

Invest in promotional items 

Promotional items, such as calendars, t-shirts, backpacks, mugs, and jackets, can really work wonders for your marketing campaign. Not only do the receivers of these items appreciate the items for what they are, but your branded products will continue to serve as marketing items that go wherever their owners do.

It’s a good idea to give these items out to your employees and at the events you sponsor. Everyone could use an extra pen, calendar, and t-shirt, so why not add your branding to these items? There are plenty of companies like Mines Press that work to create these custom products for you and your business. By working with such experts, you can ensure that you get top quality items for the best price possible.

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Create a referral program

This may seem surprising, but in the digital age, word of mouth is still one of the most effective marketing techniques. Leverage your current satisfied clients to your advantage. If you know someone is extremely happy with your service, offer them a bonus or a certain incentive if they refer someone to you. To sweeten the deal, offer a referral service to the existing client, and the new client, as well

Run a social media contest

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool no matter what industry you are in. A good way to stay fresh and current with customers who spend time on their phones is to use social media in an inviting way. Hosting a picture contest on Instagram can be a unique way to get people interested in who you are and what you do. Feel free to get creative with these tactics, as they don’t always have to do with anything your service does. 

For example, everyone loves to see pictures of cute pets on Facebook and Instagram, so why not create a Cutest Pet contest? All you need to do is set a prize, some rules such as the dates to enter and submit and have your employees tell all their friends and family to enter. Soon after, you’ll be inundated with pictures of cute pets, all in the name of brand promotion.

When you have these fun marketing ideas at your disposal, your company is sure to become more popular as a result of the exposure. These potential customers are out there, just ready to be found, so capitalize on these unique out-of-the-box marketing approaches.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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