7 rules for electric cars to increase the reserve


The rules of economical driving for electric cars are not much unlike to those of cars with ICE. If your car discharges fast, it may be a signal that it is time to visit the service department.

In case you are looking for a bobcat service manual – epcatalogs.com will help you find all the technical info relating to your car. Meanwhile, we are let’s get to our 7 rules on how to increase power reserve for electric cars.

1. No sharp starts!

The temptation to press the accelerator to feel the speeding up to the maximum torque is huge. However, a smooth start saves the energy of your battery. If you wish to spend energy wisely, avoid rapid takeoffs and try to gain speed smoothly.

2. Use the ECO mode

If at all possible, try to maintain your speed within the indicators of energy-saving driving that are located on the dashboard of most electric vehicles. Thanks to these, you can set the optimal energy consumption of the high-voltage battery system. Actively use the ECO mode in the car if it is provided, and forget about the sport mode, if your goal is maximum mileage. In ECO mode, you will get a softer acceleration and a smoother ride, which will significantly increase the power reserve.

3. Utilize energy recovery

If possible, use regenerative braking when stopping. Use traditional brakes only if it is absolutely necessary.

4. Use the heat wisely

Heating the cabin discharges the battery, so it is better to limit the use of climate control and use only the local heating: such as the seat and steering wheel. If you have the function of separate heating of the steering wheel and seats, use only those, instead of full cabin heating. Additionally, heat the electric car when it is connected to the network, so you will sit in an already heated cabin and you can use less climate control while driving. Unless, of course, you’re driving in extremely cold temperatures.

5. Pay attention to tires

More than 25% of drivers drive with the incorrect pressure in their tires. As is the case of a petrol car, driving an electric car with excessive or reduced tire pressure increases energy utilization, and can also lead to fast wear. Regularly check the air pressure in the tires and install tires according to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

electric cars
Measure the charging time before you go on the road.

6. Travel lighter

Reducing weight is the easiest way to increase efficiency. Therefore, get rid of all the excess in the trunk and take only the minimum amount of baggage. Increasing the weight of an electric car for every 45 kg raises energy consumption by 1-2%.

7. Schedule charging time

Measure the charging time before you go on the road to be sure the battery is fully charged. This will “win” a couple of kilometers if the car was without recharging for a long time. It will not only increase the power reserve but also help to spare on the tariffs, for instance, if you use the night tariff for an e-car charging.

We hope these tips will help you increase your reserve in your electric cars.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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