Infographic: Are we ready for the AI economy?


When we hear about driverless cars and algorithms that help narrow down job candidates, most of the time what we are hearing is the negative side of artificial intelligence and the AI economy. Facial recognition software and driverless cars, both of which rely on artificial intelligence programming, have shown racial bias among other problems.

Hiring algorithms have shown bias against female candidates. These are problems with the programming that can be overcome if developers would take such things into account. But what we don’t often hear about when talking about artificial intelligence is all the good it is doing in the world as well as all the potential good it can do within the next decade. By 2030, AI is projected to add $13 trillion to the global economy, but only if adoption rates increase.

Many companies are using AI for a multitude of purposes. Shipping and logistics companies use AI to increase route and fuel efficiency, keep trucks and equipment maintained to prevent costly breakdowns, and ensure trucks are optimally filled to prevent shipping dead space. Call centers are using AI to route calls to the proper departments, and the interfaces are growing more sophisticated by the day.

Unfortunately, many companies see more barriers to adoption than they see reasons to adopt this technology. Artificial intelligence technology can be costly to program and to implement, and companies need to see that those costs will be recouped in a short enough term to make them worthwhile. Fortunately, some companies like Google are working to ensure everyone has access to basic AI tools, and AI as a service will likely play a major role in the adoption of this technology over the next decade.

The next decade is going to see growth and changes like an industrial revolution for artificial intelligence. Learn more about the AI economy from the infographic below. 

AI economy

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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