Google Assistant reminders no longer available for GSuite users

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If you’re a GSuite user, you likely already know there are certain Google features don’t work with your account. Now you can add one more to the list: Google Assistant reminders. That’s right, you can no longer set reminders for yourself via Google Assistant if you’re a GSuite user.

While I don’t often use reminders — not nearly as often as I should — they are handy from time to time when remembering I need to do something while out and about. The other day I attempted to set a reminder and was greeted with the following message:

Sorry, reminders are currently not available for GSuite users.

At first, I thought maybe a service was down or it was a bug. I tried again the following morning and lo and behold, I received the same message. Of course, I hit up Google themselves and found out that I wasn’t the only one who was experiencing this issue. In fact, Google has disabled this feature for GSuite users because “Google Assistant […] is not one of the G Suite core services.”

As you can see from the Tweet above, the feature stopped working about a week ago, on August 9th. According to other reports, Google claims to be working on improving the experience. However, especially for business users, reminders are a very useful and handy feature that I’m sure gets a lot of use every day by GSuite users. For a business account, Google is definitely slow to bring much wanted feature access to Google Assistant. Heck, until a few months ago, GSuite users couldn’t even access their calendars via Google Assistant.

I’ve been lamenting on this for a while now, but it really is time for Google to step up and offer GSuite users a way and an option to convert or migrate their existing accounts to standard Google accounts so they can take advantage of key Google features. Given Google’s standard “just use a regular Google account to get access to all our features” response to users, there’s definitely a need and desire for such a migration option.

I personally know many GSuite users who would migrate given the opportunity, especially considering they (like me) signed up for Google’s free GApps accounts back when it was, well, free. Unfortunately, when Google killed that option and grandfathered GApps users into GSuite, so to went the inclusion and addition of new features as they came on board.

Are you a GSuite user and lamenting the loss of Google Assistant reminders functionality? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or MeWe.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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