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Offices have offered coffee and water since the beginning of time, but is that really enough anymore? The economy has strengthened to the point of being beneficial to workers, and now people are looking for better pay and better opportunities than what they have been working with since the Great Recession. Offering better pay is one way to keep your employees, but it’s not enough. The office of the future has top-notch coffee, not just that hot pot that sits there and burns all day, as well as free snacks and often breakfast and lunch options, as well.

Free food makes more of a difference than you might imagine. Workplace productivity suffers when workers are hungry, and when they have to leave to get something to eat that makes another path of resistance in their daily lives. Having access to healthy snacks not only boost productivity, but it can also make employees feel cared about as people and restore a sense of work/life balance.

Work/life balance is something that no amount of money can buy, and that’s why it is so important to ensure that employees have every opportunity to find that balance in their lives, lest they go find it with another employer. Snacks and free food can help this situation, but it’s also important to look into remote working as an option.

Creating the office of the future is about more than remote work and free snacks. There also needs to be community spaces where people can come together to take a break and get to know each other better, wellness programs, and support of healthier lifestyle choices.

Workplaces with free snacks boast significantly greater employee satisfaction than workplaces without them – 67% compared to 56%. Learn more about the perks of the office of the future below.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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