[IFA 2019] TCL announces the Alcatel Smart Tab 7 and LINKHUB LTE


TCL and Alcatel have been making announcements all morning and the Alcatel Smart Tab 7 and LINKHUB LTE are just a couple of them. The Alcatel Smart Tab 7 is an affordably priced Android tablet that’s perfect for kids or maybe just as an e-reader and entertainment consumption tablet.

Alcatel Smart Tab 7 allows users to experience hands-free, on-the-go entertainment and multitasking with the Google Assistant. With the Google Assistant, play movies or music using just your voice with voice recognition up to three meters away. The 7-inch display has a 600×1024 resolution and the tablet is lightweight at 268 grams.

Alcatel Smart Tab 7

The audio and display features come in handy with the device’s video-calling feature and can be instantly launched through Google Duo voice commands. Users can connect with family and friends through high-quality video and talk clearly through the multi-mic noise cancellation setup.

The Alcatel Smart Tab 7 is built with families in mind, with Kids Mode feature that allows your family to enjoy educational apps while monitoring and limiting screen time and authorized activities. The Eye Care feature reduces blue light and enhances video screens for optimized viewing comfort with alerts available to make sure users take screen breaks while tracking usage time.

Alcatel Smart Tab 7 specifications
Smart Tab 7 Specifications
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Alcatel Smart Tab 7 will be available later this year at prices starting from €79.


The Tab 7 Android tablet was announced alongside the LINKHUB LTE cat7 Home Station.

The launch of the LINKHUB LTE cat7 Home Station gives users the freedom to expand their connected world at home or the office. With a 300 Mbps downlink and 100 Mbps uplink, the clean and minimalistic device can seamlessly blend into any décor. A simplified setup sequence allows for instant browsing, while a dedicated app gives users the freedom to easily manage their network, check and adjust connection status, connected devices, SSID and passwords.

LINKHUB LTE specifications
LINKHUB LTE Specifications

The LINKHUB LTE cat7 Home Station will be available at prices starting from €129.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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