Strategies that enable accelerated growth in your business


Effective planning and strategizing are keys that unlock the phenomenal avenues of growth. With proper strategies, you can scale up the business, gain traction, and get an unbeatable competitive edge.

If you want to take the big leap then you need to formulate a strategy that helps your business to perform well and also offers a seamless experience to the customers or clients. The fact is satisfied clients are one of the key drivers for any successful business. You do not need to spend a lot of money or a lot of manpower on it. You can make your small business grow bigger if you follow some basic ideas.

Interested to know what these are? Then read on for our compilation of strategies that can help your business zoom past competition.

Make your business premises more organized

63 percent of SMBs agree that their level of office organization correlates directly with the business’ profitability. There are a few ways that you can keep away clutter. First of all, get the work desks and cubicles clean and organized. Make arrangements so that the documents are kept in proper order. Try to make separate files for received documents like bills, invoices, order receipt, tender copies, important files, insurance policies, employees’ details, etc.

Fortunately, technology has been a great enabler here for different functions within an organization. Solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketinghelps the sales team to be more proactive and lead from the front in scaling the business up to the next level.

Maintain a objectives list or to-do list

Most successful organizations and business tycoons swear by this method. You cannot achieve a big dream within a night. Set up simple goals for daily fulfillment to reach your bigger picture plan.

A daily to-do list is great in this case. Set up daily or weekly goals and pin them up on your gadgets as reminders. Alternatively, you can print or forward a daily or weekly to-do list and send it to your employees so that they can be encouraged as well. With apt tech solutions, you can achieve great outcomes here.

Take for instance the outreach program of the marketing team at the time of lead nurturing. An example is the smart AI feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing which decides the best time and date to send messages to a particular lead. Such to-do and scheduling hacks can make you highly efficient.

Develop a company culture among your workers

If you want your small business to grow fast – then develop a company or corporate culture in your office. It will make your small team of employees and workers efficient and adaptable. Corporate culture also helps in bonding and developing efficient work skills. Ask them to opt for timely arrivals, timely submission of their work and become more responsible, because this will also help them grow.

Besides that, you also need to keep track of employee productivity. If they are trained well and find the work challenging, they will work in an apt manner and also help the company to grow faster. Hence, always show concern towards your employees. Applaud them with ‘reward & recognition’ and inspire them to move ahead with bolder steps.

The brand is the key to success. You need to build a brand and also promote it and make it recognizable.

Be responsive

You need to be responsive and polite if you want to succeed. For that, you need to respond to the questions of your potential customers promptly and accurately. Hence, try to respond to the emails, text messages or phone calls or letters of your existing or potential clients immediately. This helps you to maintain your reputation and prevent negative brand sentiment.

You can appoint one employee, especially for this purpose. He or she will respond to all types of communications or queries on your behalf. It is deemed professional and beneficial at the same time.

 Build your brand

The brand is the key to success. You need to build a brand and also promote it via multiple channels and make it recognizable. You need to use different techniques to build your brand.

Make a logo of your company. Choose an easy design that is creative and appealing. Use this logo in all of your cards, leaflets, websites, and promotions. This will help you to build a brand image.

Another avenue worth exploring is brand promotion. Organize awareness campaigns online and offline so that more and more people within your target audience group can know about your company and your services.

 Maintain work and value time

 You need to give importance to time if you want to become successful. On-time delivery of projects and timely response to your clients and suppliers can make a big difference. It can help you to reach your goal faster with more volume of repeat and referral business enabled by your servicing attitude of on-time delivery every time.

Upgrade your online software

You need to take help from technology. Hence, if you use any type of applications – then make sure that you use the updated version. If you use business management software or accounting software or any other management applications and daily use software; then update them timely for proper and ideal service.

For example, if you want to ensure seamless connectivity between multiple departments then utilize the prowess of Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cloud-based platform that blends the goodness of ERP and CRM in one feature-packed solution.

 Get help from technology

Use technologies to serve your client better and also make your work streamlined/ more efficient. Get virtual assistants for customer support and other works like the automated reply of emails and texts or promotional events. Use chatbots, management software, and point of sale systems to run your business effectively.

To conclude

“Rome wasn’t built overnight”. This adage holds true for a growing company as well. Make sure to follow these strategies, and conform to it at an organizational level for long-term. This will help you reap rich dividends in the form of amazing business growth from a nascent stage, in line with your aspirations.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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