Here’s what EagleFX wants you to consider before jumping into Forex trading


There is no doubt that forex trading continues to grow in popularity. Some people credit the internet for this growth since more people have access to trading platforms.

Others point to the number of people gaining success after becoming a trader. No matter why you’re interested in Forex trading, it is wise to know everything there is to know before you trade.

Find the Right Broker

The first thing you want to do is find the right broker. You want to find a broker that has already established a relationship with several top banks that are participating in this kind of trading, such as EagleFX.

You also want to see that the broker provides 24/7 live support and that the broker’s platform is equipped with the kind of technology that could process requests quickly by using things like STP or Straight Through Processing.

Get a Demo Account

It is important that you choose a broker that allows you to experience their services through a demo account. These accounts don’t require that you actually invest any of your money but rather are given virtual money that you can use to trade. The purpose is to learn how to use the trading platform so that you can see how effective this platform is.

Keep in mind that these types of accounts don’t last long, so make sure you are ready to take notes and take in everything the potential broker has to offer. Beginners can use this time to train so that you know what to do during a real scenario.

Pay Attention to Spreads and Commissions

The broker you are going to be working with is going to make money off of you. This makes sense since they are providing a service, but you should also figure out which broker is going to offer the best terms.

There are some brokers that get paid by commission, meaning they get a percentage of each bid you make. Other brokers get paid through spreads. You want to see how both of these will affect your earnings before making a decision.

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Learn About Account Levels

It is important that you choose the right Forex account before you continue on. Most people who are just starting and are getting their feet wet choose a mini or micro account.

This is because these accounts use a smaller amount of base units, so the risk is significantly lower. Once you feel ready, you can begin to look at standard accounts. Do not worry about the actual trading because most of these platforms have an automated trading system designed to find trades for you all the time.

Create Your Exit

It is easy to get swept into the excitement of trading, especially when things look beneficial to you, but you need to guard yourself against that. The purpose of creating an exit plan is so that you know when to quit.

This plan could be as short as a month, or it could be several years long. The key is to figure out how much you want to make and to make sure you exit the moment you reach those goals. This kind of discipline is meant to help keep you in control at all times.

Figure Out Risk Tolerance

The next thing you want to do is find out how much you are willing to lose. Yes, no matter how much you believe you are going to profit from your trading, the possibility of losing is there. Each person has a specific amount of money he or she is willing to lose.

You do not want to go through financial strain or stress yourself out simply because you did not figure out your tolerance for loss. Once you have figured out how much you are willing to lose, you can use this information each time you make a trade to set parameters within the trading platform that will stop you from losing more money by selling off the item that is causing so much distress.

Check Your Emotions

Money and the suspense of each trade may have an emotional effect on you. This is more than normal, but you must fight your emotions as much as you can throughout your trading experience.

The reason you want to keep your emotions in check is that they cause you to make mistakes or make you go against your plans. If you see your profits rising, you might end up trading more only to see all your profits disappear in a second. In essence, your emotions could cloud your judgment, and you do not want that.

Take Your Time

Profits in trade can sometimes take some time, and that is okay. Learning to use Forex trading platforms and learning this entire process is going to take time. You need to make sure you allow this time to move forward without trying to rush anything.

Trading effectively requires that you learn a new language, that you research a lot, and make calculated decisions that cannot be rushed. You will become better at Forex trading as time goes by, so be patient with yourself.

This is a guest post, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are those of its authors and not Techaeris or its staff.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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