Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-breeze review: Keeps you cool and sweat-free in amazing comfort

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Yeah, we know, we’re a consumer tech site, not a Bed Bath & Beyond. However, it is a fact, we tech geeks need to sleep too. And, just about everyone cares about buying a good bed. This is why we jumped at the chance to review the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-breeze. This is the company’s latest line of beds that focus on keeping you comfortable, cool, and sweat-free.

This isn’t the first mattress review we’ve done; although, it is the first mattress review we’ve done of this caliber. Tempur-Pedic is a pretty well-known and established company that has an outstanding track record and strong customer satisfaction rating. If you’d rather not read the whole review, then I can safely give you the tl;dr here. If you want to invest in your sleeping comfort, there’s no better way than the TEMPUR-breeze from Tempur-Pedic. Read on for the full review of the TEMPUR-breeze (PRObreeze) from Tempur-Pedic.


The Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-breeze mattress sent to us has the following features and specifications:

  • Tempur-PRObreeze configuration
  • Feel: Medium Hybrid
  • Size: King 76″ x 80″
  • Profile: approximately 12″
  • Cooling Cover
  • PureCool+ Phase Change Material
  • TEMPUR CM+ Comfort Layer
  • Support Layer: Original TEMPUR Material
  • Cooling: Up to 3-degrees cooler

What’s In The Box

  • Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-breeze mattress
  • Documentation


Most mattresses really don’t have much to talk about in terms of design, but the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-breeze is a different story. The aesthetics of the mattress are certainly pleasing to the eye, and it doesn’t look like your normal mattress. But that’s not where the design cues stop. As a matter of fact, the exterior design isn’t even half of what we can talk about.

Yes, the outside shell of this mattress is very well presented, but it’s the layers that reside inside the top SmartClimate Dual Cover System that really make this mattress what it is. The materials and design Tempur-Pedic uses here are what help keep you up to 3-degrees cooler under the covers. I was pretty amazed at just how cool to the touch this mattress is.

The first top layer, the SmartClimate Dual Cover System, is removable and washable. This is the part that you’re laying on top of, so it’s really great that Tempur-Pedic made this part cleanable. It’s really difficult to describe how this layer feels on your skin. The best way I can describe it is like Icy Hot being applied to your aching muscles. The second you lay down, you can feel the cooling sensation on your skin, and even more so when you’re hot and feeling sweaty.

The material does an excellent job of soaking up the heat and replacing it with a cooling sensation. It’s really a very strange experience which you need to try for yourself to truly understand.

The second layer on the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-breeze is called the PureCool+ Phase Change Material layer. This is a bit thicker and is a technology exclusive to Tempur-Pedic that absorbs your body heat to make you feel cooler. We’re not privy to the details of the technology, but I can verify that whatever they’re doing, the mattress feels way cooler than our previous mattresses.

The third layer of technology in the TEMPUR-breeze is called TEMPUR-CM+ Material. This is another TEMPUR technology that is supposed to allow maximum airflow throughout your time sleeping in the bed. In combination with the other layers, this bed delivers on its promise of keeping you 3-degrees cooler.

Tempur-Pedic does offer another version called the LUXE-breeze that offers up two more layers of cooling technology which cools you by 8-degrees.

Underneath all of that cooling technology is the actual support part of the mattress. Tempur-Pedic sent us the TEMPUR-breeze in the Medium Hybrid configuration. This configuration offers the original TEMPUR material for support along with a Hybrid Technology.

The Hybrid Technology sits under the TEMPUR material and gives you 1000+ premium spring coils designed by Tempur-Pedic to give you the best movement you can get in their beds. The Hybrid mattress is the only bed that features springs while the others are all composed of the TEMPUR material provided in soft, medium and firm options.

Tempur-Pedic also offers a variety of platforms and frames for their beds, but we’re just reviewing the TEMPUR-breeze Medium Hybrid mattress in this review.

Overall, the mattress is made of super high-quality materials. The top cover feels really premium and the king-size version we got was, well, king-sized and very heavy. The mattress is well made, which is great for the price you’ll be paying for it.


Setup/Delivery Experience

When you buy a Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-breeze, or any mattress from the company, you will get delivery and setup of the mattress. Our experience started with a phone call from the delivery service asking for a good delivery time and window.

Once we established the day and time frame for delivery we sat back and waited. On the day of delivery, the driver will call you 30-minutes prior to arrival to verify you are home.

The drivers are supposed to bring your new mattress in and set it up either on your purchased platform and frame or on your existing platform and frame. When asked by our delivery men, we showed them the room in which we needed the mattress set up.

In addition to set-up, Tempur-Pedic will also remove your old bed as long as it is in acceptable condition. We asked for this service, but more on that later.

Our home is a split-level home with two small banks of short stairs, one leading up to the living room and the other up to the sleeping area. The delivery crew had to navigate these stairs which was, admittedly, a challenge. Given that we ordered a king-size mattress, the width of the mattress made it a challenge to maneuver it around the staircases.

Before we move on, it is important to note that our delivery was the last on these drivers’ schedule, and it was already after 4 pm. This most likely contributed to the rest of our delivery experience.

After about 15-minutes of struggling with the TEMPUR-breeze mattress and clearing the first set of stairs, the pair attempted to get up the second set of stairs. The stairs are small flights only 6-8 stairs. After an additional 10-minutes of wrestling with the mattress and all of us troubleshooting on ideas of how to get it upstairs, the frustration was very visible on their faces.

The delivery drivers finally told me that they would not be able to get the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-breeze mattress up the stairs unless they folded the mattress a little bit to get it up. They also informed me that Tempur-Pedic would not allow them to fold the mattress, and because of that they could not complete the setup. I took them at their word and asked them to just take the old mattress and box spring with them and we would figure out on our own how to get this mattress up the stairs.

The pair then hauled out our old mattress and box spring and I went to work brainstorming and calling a friend to help. My friend arrived and we managed to get the mattress up the stairs by slightly bending the corner to get past the ceiling. After that was done, we went outside to say our goodbyes to our friend who so graciously assisted us. This is when we discovered that the drivers hauled our old mattress and boxspring outside but left it dumped on the driveway.

After contacting Tempur-Pedic, the delivery service the company used for this delivery contacted me. They apologized after I explained the story and assured me that the drivers should have brought that mattress up the stairs and there was no rule the mattress couldn’t be manipulated to get past obstacles. He also informed me that the drivers did not take our old mattress because they “claimed” it had bugs on it. That accusation really got my blood boiling as there were no and never have been any bugs on that mattress.

The delivery company told me they would send me a $50 gift card for my troubles, which I still have not received, but that really wasn’t a fair compensation for the poor service they provided. The drivers also left dirty handprints on the mattress since they removed it from its protective plastic when trying to move it up the stairs.

After that long story, it is important to note…Tempur-Pedic works with a variety of delivery services, so your experiences will vary. It is also important to note that I don’t think this particular delivery service is totally at fault for this experience. Upon arrival, I could already tell that these two delivery drivers were irritated and not so happy about their day. Unfortunately, they chose to let it affect their job performance and in-turn provided us with a very sub-standard delivery experience.

Tempur-Pedic did reach out and apologize for the mishap with the TEMPUR-breeze caused by these drivers. I suspect that Tempur-Pedic doesn’t look too kindly on these types of incidents and has taken measures to correct the delivery service and its drivers.

Overall, the delivery experience was not what I expected. I don’t fault Tempur-Pedic for this at all. People are human, and you can never know for certain when they’ll be having a bad day and end up not doing their job properly. I did get an apology from the delivery service as well as Tempur-Pedic, but the delivery service never did a follow-up with their promise of a Visa gift card.

TEMPUR-breeze Tempur-Pedic


The redeeming factor from that above story is that the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-breeze Medium Hybrid (PRObreeze) is amazing. I was initially skeptical about the claim of the cooling properties of their materials, but even when just touching it with your hand you can feel the difference.

The best way I can explain the feeling of the cooling technology on the TEMPUR-breeze is that it’s like putting Icy Hot on aching muscles. But it’s also not overwhelmingly cold, it’s just subtle and you can feel the heat from your body being pulled away. It’s very surreal and you need to experience it for yourself to believe.

Now that we’re into fall and the temps here in Iowa have gone below freezing, I can say that the cooling technology doesn’t keep you cold at all. The bed is still cooler than other mattresses for sure, but once you’re in, it keeps you at a very comfortable temperature. If anything, the cooling technology just keeps you from overheating. Your comforter and blankets keep your body warm and the TEMPUR-breeze pulls the excess body heat away keeping you nice and cozy.

As for the mattress comfort, we ordered the Medium Hybrid which means it comes with the TEMPUR material as well as a small layer of over 1000 springs. This is a bit different from the other all TEMPUR material mattresses. The mattress is still pretty amazing in that you feel very little movement from your partner (or any of your little children who sneak in during the night) moving around. The mattresses with all TEMPUR material do an excellent job of isolating movement. I think when you add the springs in, there is a bit more movement, but it’s nominal and I don’t feel my wife getting in and out of bed at all.

We opted for the Medium because the Soft TEMPUR-breeze had too much give and the Hard was not enough. I love how this mattress hugs your body. You sort of sink in and it wraps around you. The Soft version would have been too much of that for my liking and the Hard not enough.

I’ve reviewed a few other memory foam type mattresses, both way under this price range, and the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-breeze Medium Hybrid (PRObreeze) has been the best of the bunch. I love the subtle give of the mattress, and I love that I don’t feel my wife flipping or getting out of bed to tend to one of the kids.

Yes, these mattresses aren’t cheap. That being said, the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-breeze Medium Hybrid (PRObreeze) mattress is the best mattress I’ve ever used. Overall, the comfort is amazing here. Of course, I think your mileage will vary as what one person finds comfortable may not be the same for another.

TEMPUR-breeze Tempur-Pedic


The TEMPUR-breeze line from Tempur-Pedic starts at US$3,299.00 which isn’t chump change. The line comes in PRObreeze and LUXEbreeze. The PRObreeze offers you 3-degrees cooler sleeping while the LUXEbreeze offers you 8-degrees cooler sleeping.

If you’re reading this review you probably already know that these aren’t cheap mattresses and are ready to purchase one for yourself. Given that this purchase is something most people will really weigh before buying I don’t think the price tag is outrageous. I think there is a ton of value in these mattresses, and if you’re ready to buy one of these, hopefully this review will help you with that choice.

Overall, I think you get what you pay for here. I think the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-breeze will hold up for a very long time and it offers a lot of value for what you pay.

Wrap Up

A lot of people aren’t ready and willing to drop over US$3,000 on a mattress, but for those who are, the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-breeze is an excellent choice. It offers up tremendous value for your money and nothing about this mattress is cheap.

As for our delivery experience, I don’t think most of you will have the same experience. I do believe that Tempur-Pedic frowns on this type of behavior from its contractors and I am sure they have, or will be, taking care of that situation. I wouldn’t let my experience scare you away from your purchase. Just remember, Tempur-Pedic does require delivery drivers to deliver and set up your bed. If they give you trouble about that then I’d contact Tempur-Pedic right away.

*We received a sample of the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-breeze for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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