10 ways to use music for stress relief

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There is a well-established fact that music has a soothing power and helps us to reduce stress. It has a unique link to our emotions, so it is an extremely effective stress management tool. Listening to music has a big impact on our mind and body.

Slow and classical music are some good examples of the types of music that can help you be stress-free. Music attracts our attention and also helps us divert our minds from sensitive topics. Here we are discussing different ways to use music for stress relief.


Meditation is a popular way to reduce stress, and meditation music can be used to improve your concentration. An average working person always complains about getting no time to meditate. If you are one of them, meditation music can prove to be a good way to relax your mind.

Improving Your Mood

Music has a strong connection with emotions and mind as people listening to music often have some memories attached to it. Music can bring back some memories from the past that you associate with it. So, whenever you feel stressed or depressed, you can tune into music that brings back some happy moments of your past.

You can play music any time you want and fix your mood. Music improves your mood as it is a link between you and happiness. You are just one song away from changing your mood.

stress music meditation

Reducing Anxiety Issues

Anxiety is a devastating mental condition and a widespread epidemic. Many people face the issue of anxiety but do not even know about it. As we know anxiety is caused due to high levels of stress. As stress builds up and is not treated, it results in people being anxious in certain situations.

Music can help people deal with anxiety as it helps you to be calm. Listening to soft music or playing a musical instrument can also help you in reducing stress. Instruments such as violin or harmonium, which play soft music, are good to use. Music played on the violin is soft and melodious as the violin strings produce a calm and soothing sound that is peaceful to your ears.

Improving Concentration

Stress is a leading cause for people to lose concentration, as it makes your mind overthink and you cannot make quick decisions. It makes even small and easy things look big and difficult. Stress slows down your thinking process as your mind is confused between multiple thoughts. Music will help you improve your concentration. Listening to the right kind of music can help you reduce stress and concentrate more, suggests a study.

Enhancing the Immune System

Generally, people are stressed when they fall ill. Thinking about all the work left to do increases the stress. However, people forget that just by thinking of work will not solve their problem. You must give rest to your body. According to a study, listening to music can actually boost your immune system.

Just 50 minutes of music decreases the number of stress hormones, which decrease the effectiveness of your immune system, in your body. By listening to positive and classical music your body can experience hormonal changes and improve your immune system.

stress music meditation

Controlling Blood Pressure

Stress results in frustration and anger. It is a major reason for problems like high blood pressure. Blood pressure can increase the risk of heart attack or a stroke. High blood pressure makes your heart pump faster which leads to many health issues, such as heart attack, stroke, and vision loss.

Listening to classical and calming music can help you relax your mind. Music of your choice brings down your blood pressure level. Low blood pressure brings your heart rate down. The tempo of the music is very important as faster music can increase the blood flow, while slower music slows down the blood flow.

Reduce Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a major mental condition. Medication and treatment are some of the methods to deal with depression. Music plays a minor factor in helping you to fight depression. Listening to classical music can help you fight the effects of depression such as stress, anxiety or mental block. Music cannot completely cure depression, but music therapy can help immensely.

Improving Your Sleeping Pattern

Stress can lead to insomnia and change your sleeping pattern. Insomnia is a leading problem caused by stress and overthinking. Stress makes you sleepless and lack of sleep increases your stress. It becomes a cycle of stress and insomnia. Music can help you sleep better. It is a therapy that you can do just before sleeping. You need to put on some calming music or meditation music and can use some of the best DJ speakers for professionals as they have the best sound quality. This will help you feel the soothing music.

stress music meditation

Rock Out Your Stress

Sometimes all you need is a small push or motivation in your life. Work stress or studies can make your life dull. All you need is some good heavy music, like rock music or heavy metal. These types of music make you energetic and will boost up your week. Please be careful about the choice of music and choose songs with positive messages. Heavy metal causes depression to some people because of its dark music and lyrics. Choose your music wisely and rock out your mid-week stress.

Quality Time with Yourself

You are the most important person to yourself. Taking care of your own health is very important. Sometimes you might be feeling low or stressed out because of work. You can turn a dull evening into a happy one just by listening to some music and spending quality time with yourself. Listen to your favorite music, sit back and relax, do what you love doing the most, follow some hobby. You know the best about yourself, treat yourself like the best. Being with yourself leaves no space for stress.


Music has always been helpful when it comes to stress. You can listen to your favorite music and enjoy it. Music can help you in so many ways to calm down, relax and reduce stress in your life. You can always take some time out for yourself and spend it energizing your life. Work pressure will always be with you but music can counter the pressure and help you relax.

About the Author: Ronald Ross is passionate about music and therapy. He contributes to Loud Beats and has a vast knowledge of music and he believes music is very effective in reducing stress. Ronald believes music is a part of our lives and we must live it fully. Ronald suggests the use of music to reduce stress.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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