Roborock robot vacuum deals continue through December

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Let’s face it, life moves fast, and sometimes you just don’t have enough time to get the basics done, like vacuuming. This is why the robot vacuum was invented and why you need one. A robot vacuum may not be on everyone’s Christmas list, but for those who have thought of it, now is the perfect time to save on a Roborock robot vacuum.

The robot vacuum has come a long way since the early models. The early days of these autonomous cleaners didn’t exactly offer the best user experience. With advancements in technology, the robot vacuum has finally made it to a place where it’s actually useable. Roborock is one of the manufactures who is putting that technology to good use.

Roborock has a selection of their best robot vacuums on sale now, including their E3, S5, and latest, S5 Max. Let’s take a look at these three models and what they have to offer you:

Roborock E3

Roborock robot vacuum

The Roborock E3 robot vacuum lists at US$349.99, but you can grab it now for a sweet US$269.99 price. Check out some of the features you’ll get on this entry-level robot vacuum:

  • Efficient and Intelligent: Clean fast, with no random bumping. Using a dual-gyro system together with motion tracking sensors, cleaning is carried out logically and efficiently in every room. Thirteen types of sensors combine to offer cliff sensing, collision avoidance, mid-clean charging and minimize the likelihood of entrapment.
  • Large battery capacity: A large 5200mAh battery offers 2.5hours of non-stop cleaning. A generous dustbin means even big homes can be cleaned in one go.
  • Thorough cleaning: 2000Pa of intense suction pulls dirt easily off hard floors, and drags it from deep inside carpet fibers.
  • Vacuum and mop: Vacuum and mop simultaneously for sparklingly clean floors. The mop sucks in water evenly as it cleans, so it cleans without leaving puddles.
  • App control: use the Mi Home APP to start, stop, schedule, customize, charge, check accessory status, control movement direction and more. A 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network is required.

Roborock S5

Roborock robot vacuum

The Roborock S5 robot vacuum lists at US$499.99, but you can snag it for US$399.99 potentially saving up to US$100 on this until Dec. 20th, check Amazon for pricing. Check out some of the features you’ll find on this great choice of a vacuum:

  • Advanced mapping: Laser mapping systems scan your home as S5 cleans, giving it the information it needs to clean every room as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Clean effectively: Strong suction and multiple cleaning modes: Select the best mode for your cleaning environment, from Carpet, Quiet, Mopping, Balanced, Turbo & Max mode, with a maximum suction power of 2000Pa.
  • Powerful app control: Use the Mi Home app with S5 to schedule cleans, view cleaning progress and information, take control manually, check accessory status, choose clean modes, clean specific areas, and self-recharge. Compatible with Android, iOS, and Alexa.
  • Vacuum and mop: Install the water tank for simultaneous mopping and vacuuming. One run leaves the floor shiny and clean.
  • Ultra-high 5200mAh battery capacity: 150 minutes of constant working, ideal for big house and multi-room. Note: Suggest not use on dark or long-pile carpet. 

Roborock S5 Max

Roborock robot vacuum
S5 Max

The Roborock S5 Max lists out at US$599.99 but with US$60 off you can land this robot vacuum for US$539.99. Check out the features this higher-end robot vacuum is bringing to the table:

  • 290ml water tank, good for mopping 700sqft (65sqm) 3 times, or over 2100sqft (186sqm) once.
  • Ultra-reliable electronic water pump for precision water control.
  • Spring-loaded mop presses with a constant 300g of pressure for more consistent cleaning
  • Use no-mop zones around carpets to allow unsupervised, scheduled mopping
  • When docked, water is switched off, allowing S5 Max to be left ready for the next mop
  • A high-precision laser navigation system scans at 300RPM to +/- 2cm accuracy
  • Precision water control for tailoring around different floor types
  • Powerful suction, able to lift AA batteries, even with a full dustbin
  • Adaptive algorithms calculate the most efficient cleaning route around rooms and obstacles
  • Schedule cleanup for specific rooms at different times, on different days, at different powers
  • Use voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Home to start and stop the device.
  • No-go Zones and Barriers make it easy to control where the robot goes
  • Start and stop cleanups using Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Climbs easily over 0.8in (2cm) high thresholds and carpets
  • Automatically switches to maximum power when cleaning carpet
  • Quick-release main brush, mop mount, water tank, and dustbin for easy maintenance
  • Washable air filter and mop pad extends lifetime use of these items
  • Smart top-up charging only re-charges the robot enough to finish the clean

What do you think of these sales on Roborock robot vacuums? Are you thinking of picking one of these up for a gift? Let us know in the comments below.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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