Samsung Q90T 4K first look review: Hands-On with Samsung’s 4K TV

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Earlier this week we had our first look at Samsung’s Q800T 8K TV, which is a fantastic 8K TV. Now, we’re moving on to the 4K TV first look with the Samsung Q90T. As with the Q800T, Samsung reached out to us and gave us the opportunity to check out the Q90T 4K TV before it reached other media outlets or the public.

We generally get our review units weeks, sometimes months, after their release. This time, we got to spend a little time with the Samsung Q90T 4K TV in order to get our first look and first impressions out to you before it hits the shelves. Samsung continues to impress, and 2020 is a stellar year in improvements for the Samsung TV lineup. Read on for our first look and mini-review of the Samsung Q90T, a Techaeris 4K TV Editor’s Choice award winner.

Before we move on, it is important to note that this is our first impressions review, with a full review possibly coming in the future. Because of that, this review doesn’t carry a scored rating but rather an Editor’s Choice rating. Read on for our first look and mini-review of the Samsung Q90T 4K TV, a Techaeris 4K TV Editor’s Choice award winner.


The Samsung Q90T 4K TV has the following features and specifications:

  • Video
    • Screen Size: 64.5″ Measured Diagonally
    • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
    • Motion Rate: 240
    • Color: 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot
    • HDR (High-Dynamic Range): Quantum HDR 16X
    • Picture Engine: Quantum Processor 4K
    • Quantum Dot Color: Yes
    • Upscaling: 4K AI
  • Audio
    • Dolby: Dolby Digital Plus
    • Sound Output: 60W
    • Speaker Type: 4.2.2 CH
    • Multiroom Link: Yes
    • Bluetooth Headset Support: Yes
  • Wireless Connectivity
    • Wi-Fi: Yes
    • Wi-Fi Direct: Yes
    • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Features
    • Smart Hub: Yes (incl. Sports, Music, and TV Plus – Easily access content and Apps through the intuitive Smart Hub menu system). Apple TV+ is also compatible.
    • Processor: Quantum Processor 4K
    • Apps Platform: Smart TV with Bixby Voice, Apps, and Full Web Browser (Stream movies and TV shows, Update your Facebook, and use Apps right on the screen).
    • Voice Interaction (w/Bixby): Yes (Easily navigate through your favorite content choices with voice recognition via the built-in microphone on your Samsung Smart Remote control). Also works with Google Assistant and Alexa.
    • AI Technology: Yes
    • Auto Channel Search: Yes
    • Auto Motion Plus: Yes
    • Ultra Black: Yes
    • Dimming Technology: Ultimate UHD Dimming Pro
    • V-Chip: Allows parents to block inappropriate movies and programs based upon their FCC rating.
    • Electronic Program Guide (Channel Guide): Yes
    • Game Mode: Yes (Auto Game Mode (ALLM), Game Motion Plus, Dynamic Black EQ, Surround Sound, 4K@120Hz (HDMI Port 4))
    • Ambient Mode: Yes
    • Auto Power Off: Yes (Function that automatically powers down television to save energy if no signal is present).
    • Closed Captioning: Yes
    • Easy Pairing: Yes
    • Anynet+ HDMI-CEC: Yes (HDMI version that supports TV and compatible HDMI component commands via single remote controller).
    • Eco Sensor: Yes (Technology that intelligently adapts the screen’s brightness to the intensity of the light in the room).
    • Bluetooth: Yes
    • InstaPort S (HDMI Quick Switch): Yes
    • Mobile to TV – Mirroring, DLNA: Yes
    • TV to Mobile (Mirroring): Yes
  • I/O
    • 4 HDMI ports
    • 2 USB ports
    • Ethernet port
    • RF In (Terrestrial/Cable Input)
    • RF In (Satellite Input)
    • RS232C
    • Digital Audio Out (Optical)
    • Audio Return Channel Support (via HDMI port) ARC
  • Dimensions
    • Product Size (W x H x D) Without Stand in inches: 48.3″ x 27.7″ x 1.37″
    • Product Size (W x H x D) With Stand in inches: 48.3″ x 31.3″ x 9.3″
    • Stand Size (W x H xD) in inches:  11.8″ x 9.25″
    • Shipping Size:  55.47″ x 33.22″ x 6.96″
    • Weight without stand: 44.31 lbs
    • Weight with stand: 53.79 lbs
    • Shipping weight in box: 68.34 lb
  • Power
    • ENERGY STAR® Certified: Yes (Approval by Energy Star, a government program, ensures TV is eco-friendly and energy-efficient).
    • Power Supply: AC110-120V 50/60Hz
    • Typical Power Consumption: 100W
    • Maximum Power Consumption:  240W
    • Standby Power Consumption: Under 0.5W
  • Other Features
    • Vesa Wall Mount Compatible (400×400)
    • Quantum Dot Color
    • Flat Glass Display
    • 8K UHD resolution
    • Ultra Viewing Angles
    • Samsung One Remote
    • Samsung Model Number: QN65Q90TAFXZC
Samsung Q90T 4K TV Techaeris Editor's Choice 2020
Great design, as usual for Samsung.


Samsung design is right up there at the top in terms of build quality and aesthetic appeal. The Q90T 4K TV is Samsung’s flagship 4K TV and for good reason. The build quality is fantastic and it ticks all the boxes for great-looking design.

A lot of what we covered on the Samsung Q800T will be applicable to the Q90T. The biggest difference between the two is obviously 8K and 4K. Otherwise, they are very similar.

The bezels around the screen have been downsized and the frame around the TV has a nice smooth chamfered edge. Like the Q800T, it gives it the look of a floating screen which should appeal to buyers. No one likes ugly black borders around the display. The bottom bezel is just slightly thicker but not by much.

One area in which I think Samsung did a fantastic job this year is its stand. The Q90R from last year had a great stand and it carries over to the Q90T this year. The stand is heavy but really gives a solid foundation for the TV. I’d rather have a secure stand over a lightweight stand any day of the week.

The Q90T 4K TV stand is also designed in such a way as to allow most Samsung soundbars to fit neatly under the TV and out of the way. This is a great design feature as many times the soundbar is an afterthought with manufacturers.

As I mentioned with the Q800T first look, Samsung has improved the build quality of the Q90T 4K TV along with the materials used. Last year’s 2019 models had a great build quality, but the materials felt a bit cheaper than they should have been. Samsung’s Q90T design and build has improved in every way, and that’s nothing but a good thing.

Overall, the design of the Q90T 4K TV is amazing. Super thin bezels, a reduction in thickness making it look even better on your wall, and solid build quality make this a TV everyone would want in their home.

Samsung Q90T 4K TV Techaeris Editor's Choice 2020
These QLED’s are getting thinner and thinner.


Unlike 8K, 4K is here and is being broadcast by streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. This means you can enjoy native 4K on the Q90T. But the good news is that Samsung includes 4K AI upscaling on the Q90T, so you can enjoy your 1080p content upscaled to 4K.

4K content on the Q90T is amazing. The clarity, contrast, and colors just jump off the screen. If you haven’t watched Planet Earth in 4K then you are missing something special. I have been doing Samsung QLED TV reviews for a few years now and there is no question Samsung has made improvements year after year.

But I feel that 2020 is an exceptional year for Samsung TVs. They’ve made some huge improvements in contrast and balancing the greys while preserving details in darker scenes. This adds a huge amount of context to pivotal moments in movies and games.

The majority of us (I’d say 99%) unbox a TV, find a picture mode we like, and start watching. Very few users go through the trouble and expense of calibrating and, frankly, there really is no need. Samsung does an excellent job of calibrating these TVs out of the box so well that it’s really splitting hairs at this point.

The next few paragraphs are basically the same as what I had to say about the Q800T, the only real difference is that the Q90T is 4K, not 8K.

The normal color modes are present here on the Samsung Q90T 4K TV. Those include Movie Mode, Standard Mode, and Dynamic Mode, while Film Maker Mode will be coming soon. Of course, you can jump in and tweak the settings to your liking in Custom Mode, but most people will be happy with one of the presets. I personally use Standard Mode the most and it works great with almost all content.

One of the newest features Samsung is offering is Multi-View. Multi-View allows users to cast their phone displays on to the TV so they can multitask while watching content. At first, I questioned the need for such a feature, but Samsung gave me a few use cases for Multi-View that make perfect sense.

Multi-View on the Samsung Q90T 4K TV is especially useful for gamers. Gamers can now pull up YouTube tutorials on their phones and have them playing on screen as they play those same games. This can help gamers get through difficult levels without having to look down at their other device or pause anything.

Multi-View could also be used for fact-checking while watching news programs or political debates. Having your phone screen available on the same display where everyone can see it and verify the facts is actually a pretty good idea.

Of course, you can have pretty much anything up with Multi-View like social media, news, sports, or just about anything. You can also choose which device will play sound through the TV or you can have both devices playing sound through it. There are a lot of options here. Multi-View is probably not for everyone, but there are many who will love this feature.

The display on the Samsung Q90T is outstanding. The Q90T display is the best looking 4K display I’ve laid my eyes on yet. The contrast and detail are sharp in 4K content and the 4K AI upscaling looks fantastic. The provided color modes work great out of the box and everyone will find a mode they love. Overall, a fantastic job, yet again, by Samsung.

Samsung Q90T 4K TV Techaeris Editors Choice 2020 inline 3
Amazing 4K display.

Sound Quality

Samsung did some amazing things with its Q800T sound and they did not leave the Q90T out of the party. The Q90T gets the same 4.2.2 sound with Object Tracking Sound but with a different speaker array. The Q800T has speakers on top, bottom, and sides. While the Samsung Q90T 4K TV has the same number of speakers, they are placed in the top and bottom only.

As I mentioned in my Q800T first look, Object Tracking Sound is easily one of Samsung’s best innovations in its 2020 TV lineup. The soundstage is just improved overall, giving vocals a push to the front and creating spatial depth between sound effects, objects in a scene, people, nature, everything is just enhanced and separated. Object Tracking Sound is almost like being in the scene you’re watching.

The sound quality on the Samsung Q90T 4K TV is the best sound on any TV on the market right now. TV speakers are generally nothing to write home about, but these babies really are amazing. I’ve raved about the speakers on previous Samsung TVs but these take the cake. At this point, Samsung is sort of undercutting itself by making the sound this good. Why? Because many people may not see the need for a soundbar or surround sound system after hearing these speakers.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve the sound with a really nice Samsung soundbar or surround system. Of course, you can improve it. I’m just saying that I’ve never heard speakers sound this good on a TV because these are next-level speakers with next-level sound technology.

Object Tracking Sound is probably my favorite new Samsung feature for this year, and that is saying a lot. Considering all the improvements in picture quality and design they’ve made, it’s saying a lot.

Samsung Q90T 4K TV Techaeris Editors Choice 2020 inline 5
Newly designed back panel.


The Samsung Q90T is just as capable as its big 8K brother in the performance category. We all know Samsung makes its own chips and this TV is running on Samsung 4K Quantum Processor. Nothing felt laggy on this TV. Moving through menus and loading apps was all snappy just as it should be.

Gaming performance is also enhanced with Samsung’s new version of Game Mode. When you have your Xbox or PlayStation plugged into the TV and turned on, Game Mode will automatically be applied. Game Mode changes the colors and refresh rate which gives you a better gaming experience. Game Mode plus delivers a 9.4ms input lag which is freaking amazing for a TV. This means that gamers can enjoy a more responsive experience within their favorite games. Game Mode Plus also adds some surround sound improvements, making the sound more immersive for gamers and more exciting. It also supports Freesync.

Samsung has also changed its SmartHub design. The colors have changed from a bright white to a more muted blue. I’m not a fan of the new colors for SmartHub but I am a fan of getting rid of the white. I suggested to Samsung that the Smart Hub should go dark mode with some darker greys for the color pallet.

Color aside, SmartHub is the best UI on any TV on the market. It’s fast, well designed and gives you everything you need with just a few button clicks. They’ve even given you more room on the screen by redesigning the app icons from rectangles to squares. This allows more apps to be on screen in the menu bar.

The Universal Guide has also improved and moved. It is now more easily accessible by just scrolling down on the home screen. Universal Guide gives you suggestions based on the apps you have installed and the content you have watched. There’s also Samsung TV Plus which offers up free programing that’s actually really awesome.

The Samsung Q90T 4K TV delivers on performance keeping up with all of your 4K streaming and gaming.

Wrap Up

These first-look reviews weren’t easy to put together. There is so much to cover about the Samsung Q90T 4K TV, and I missed a lot of it. But I think I covered the more important parts. There is a ton of added value to the 2020 Samsung TV lineup. The Q90T picture quality is outstanding, OTS sound is phenomenal, the design is beautiful, and Samsung has kept pricing about what it was in previous years.

If you’re looking for a 4K TV then we believe you should buy the Samsung Q90T 4K TV. They’re available in the following sizes and price points on Samsung’s website:

Congratulations to the Samsung Q90T 4K TV for taking our Editor’s Choice Award for 4K TVs.

Samsung Q90T 4K TV Techaeris Editor's Choice 2020
The Samsung Q90T 4K TV: Techaeris Editor’s Choice 2020.

Last Updated on February 21, 2021.


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