Razer DeathAdder V2 review: A popular ergonomic gaming mouse gets updated

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Even though I’ve used Razer mice before, I’ve never had the chance to use the DeathAdder, their most popular gaming mouse. Along with the Razer Basilisk, the DeathAdder has received some upgrades. While I’ll be looking at those, this review will also offer up my first impressions. On that note, our Razer DeathAdder V2 review takes a look a the recently released and enhanced version of their flagship gaming mouse.


The Razer DeathAdder V2 ergonomic wired gaming mouse has the following features and specifications:

  • Best-in-class ergonomics
  • Razer Optical Mouse Switches
  • Razer Focus+ Optical Sensor
  • Razer Speedflex Cable
  • Advanced on-board memory
  • True 20,000 DPI Focus+ optical sensor
  • Up to 650 inches per second (IPS) / 50 G acceleration / industry best 99.6% resolution accuracy
  • Razer™ Optical Mouse Switches rated for 70 million clicks
  • Improved ergonomic design with ultra-durable rubber side grips
  • Large 100% PTFE mouse feet (0.8mm thick)
  • Gaming-grade tactile scroll wheel
  • On-The-Fly Sensitivity Adjustment (Default stages: 400/800/1600/2400/3200)
  • Hybrid Cloud storage and on-board memory (4+1 profiles)
  • Razer Chroma™ RGB lighting with true 16.8 million customizable color options
  • Eight independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons
  • Advanced Lift-off/Landing distance customization
  • Razer Synapse 3 enabled
  • 2.1 m/7 ft Speedflex cable
  • Approximate size: 127.0 mm / 5 in (Length) x 61.7 mm / 2.43 in (Grip Width) x 42.7 mm / 1.68 in (Height)
  • Approximate weight: 82 g / 2.9 oz (Excluding cable)
  • Compatible with Xbox One for basic input

What’s in the box

  • Razer DeathAdder V2
  • Product information guide
  • Thank you card
  • Razer stickers
  • 2-year limited warranty
What's included with the Razer DeathAdder V2 ergonomic wired gaming mouse
What’s included with the Razer DeathAdder V2 ergonomic wired gaming mouse.


The first thing I noticed about the Razer DeathAdder V2 is how light it feels. Normally I’m not a fan of lighter mice but after using it for a while, it really is quite nice. The mouse itself has a nice, smooth, matte black finish on it with very comfortable side grips.

The top of the mouse is comprised of a single plate with the left and right mouse buttons split by the scroll wheel and DPI up and DPI down buttons. The edges of the scroll wheel and the Razer logo on the palm rest both have Razer Chrome LED lights. On the left side of the mouse, just above the grip, are two more programmable buttons.

The Razer DeathAdder V2 ergonomic wired gaming mouse has Razer Chrome LED lighting
The Razer DeathAdder V2 ergonomic wired gaming mouse has Razer Chrome LED lighting.

Razer has used its new Speedflex Cable on the DeathAdder V2 and I have to say, it’s by far one of the best cables out there. Not only is it soft and super flexible, but it doesn’t kink or get caught up as other USB cables tend to. It’s also nice and long — roughly 7′ — so it should reach whatever computer you’ve got set up with ease.

The bottom of the mouse has two very smooth PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, better known as Teflon) feet. These feet provide very smooth gliding regardless of the surface the mouse is used on. The center of the mouse is where you’ll find the new Razer Focus+ 20,000 DPI Optical Sensor. To the right of the sensor is a profile select button with an LED light above it to indicate your currently selected profile.

While the mouse is comfortable overall with its ergonomic shape, when used with a palm grip, I can feel the edge of the right side on my ring finger against the front edge of the side. It does feel a bit odd and slightly uncomfortable — it’s definitely noticeable. When used in claw grip, which I don’t use often, I didn’t feel the ridge at all.


The mouse can, of course, be used without the Razer Synapse 3 software but you’ll want to install it in order to take full advantage of the mouse’s features. The software allows you to customize the functionality of the eight buttons on the mouse, including the profile switch button. You can easily assign macros, multimedia controls, launch applications, and even double up with Razer Hypershift which lets you assign a button as a shift key of sorts to map two different functions to a single button.

You can also set the five on-board DPI levels, polling rate, and Chroma lighting effects. Different profiles can be set up, usually for different games, and up to five can be stored on the mouse. As with most software, you can also update the firmware on the DeathAdder V2 when one is available.


Besides comfort, performance in a gaming mouse is key. The new Razer Focus+ Optical Sensor offers up a whopping 20,000 DPI. Personally, I can’t fathom ever needing DPI that high, but it is there should you desire it.

Overall, the Razer DeathAdder V2 is very responsive from the sensor to the button clicks. While playing games, I didn’t notice any lag in movement or performing actions when clicking the left or right mouse buttons with their optical mouse switches. The Speedflex cable is nice as well as it moves very freely and doesn’t snag or catch on things like other USB cables are prone to doing.


At US$69.99, the Razer DeathAdder V2 isn’t the cheapest ergonomic wired gaming mouse on the market. That being said, it’s true that you get what you pay for and this gaming mouse offers up fairly decent comfort as well as great performance.


After finally having first-hand experience with the Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse, it’s not hard to see why the series has sold over 10 million units to date. The Razer DeathAdder V2 ergonomic wired gaming mouse is comfortable and performs well with the new Focus+ optical sensor.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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