Glorious Model D review: An affordable quality, light gaming mouse

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When it comes to gaming peripherals, a few big names come to mind. However, there are plenty of other brands and plenty of choices when it comes to gaming keyboards, mice, and other peripherals. In the past, I’ve much preferred heavier mice, however, there seems to be a trend towards lighter mice, especially for gaming. Our Glorious Model D review takes a look at a very light gaming mouse from a company you may not have heard of. Around since 2014, the Glorious PC Gaming Race gaming was created to “create unique gaming accessories, engineered for premium quality and elite-level performance, sold at everyman prices.” Read on for our full review and see why it earned a Top Pick of 2020 here at Techaeris.


The Glorious Model D gaming mouse has the following features and specifications:

SensorPixart® PMW-3360 Sensor
Switch Type (Main)Omron® Mechanical Rated For 20 Million Clicks
Number of Buttons6
Max Tracking Speed250+ IPS
Max DPI12,000
Polling Rate1000hz (1ms)
Lift off Distance~2.0mm
Cable TypeAscended Cord (ultra-flexible)
ConnectorUSB 2.0
Cable Length2 m / 6.5 ft
Mouse Feet TypeG-Skates Premium Mouse Feet
Mouse Feet Thickness0.81mm
Dedicated DPI indicatorYes, on bottom of mouse
Default DPI Settings400 (yellow), 800 (blue), 1600 (red), 3200 (green)
Remappable DPIYes (requires software)
LED Color16.8 million color RGB (8 effects)
LED adjustable without softwareYes
LED can be disabledYes
OSWindows, Mac, and Linux. USB port required
SoftwareOptional (for more settings and options)
Software CompatibilityWindows (7 or newer)
Dimensions128 x 67 x 42mm (5.04 x 2.64 x 1.65″)
Weight68 grams (without cable and ±1g variance)
Warranty2 years

What’s in the box

  • Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse
  • Additional Glorious Model D Skates
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Stickers
What's included with the Glorious Model D gaming mouse
What’s included with the Glorious Model D gaming mouse.


At first, I was a bit skeptical about the design of the Glorious Model D gaming mouse. There are a few companies that make mice with hollowed-out shells but this is the first I’ve used. The Model D has your typical mouse design with split left and right mouse buttons that go back to about the midway point of the top of the mouse. The buttons are split by a clickable scroll wheel and the DPI button. On the left side of the mouse are two buttons that default to forward and back Windows functions.

Where the Glorious Model D differs from most mice is the HoneyComb Shell that has hexagon honeycomb cutouts in both the palm rest and the bottom half of the mouse buttons. It actually looks kind of cool and allows you to see inside the house. The main reason for the cutouts, of course, is to lighten up the mouse. Excluding the cord, the Model D weighs a mere 68 grams. It’s not the lightest gaming mouse you can get, but it is lighter than most.

Top view of the Glorious Model D gaming mouse
Top view of the Glorious Model D gaming mouse.

I did think that the honeycomb cutouts would be uncomfortable during use as the mouse palm rest isn’t smooth. Honestly? I didn’t even notice the difference, but I did notice the difference in weight.

As for LED lighting, the mouse has LED rings on either side of the scroll wheel and on the top of each side, just below the top pieces. The hollowed-out buttons and palm rest actually help to show more of the LED glow, especially in dimmer lighting conditions. Just behind the side buttons is the Glorious PC Gaming Race bearded-man icon in grey. The Glorious wordmark is also in grey near the right front of the mouse.

The bottom of the mouse is where you’ll find the Pixart PMW-3360 Optical Sensor, DPI indicator LED, and four skates (one in each corner of the mouse). It is a bit odd that the DPI LED indicator is on the bottom but to be honest, you’re likely not switching up DPI too often without being able to quickly flip the mouse over and verify what your current DPI is. On that note, if you know what your settings are, you’ll be able to tell based on your mouse cursor movement.

Glorious included two larger skates as well which apply easily and stay on securely, for an even larger bottom skate surface. They are easy to install, simply remove the 3M backing and place the top or bottom skate accordingly. Once in place, there is also a thin plastic covering which needs to be removed. While the mouse works well enough with the default skates, having the option to add a larger skate surface does make a difference as well.

Bottom view of the Glorious Model D gaming mouse with extra skates
Bottom view of the Glorious Model D gaming mouse with extra skates.

Our review sample also came in white and I anticipated it getting dirty quickly. However, after almost a month of daily use for upwards of 8 hours a day, the mouse still looks generally clean overall. Perhaps that’s partly due to the constant hand sanitizer being used these days… At any rate, the white is actually a nice colour and seems to hold up fairly well to dirt and grime. It does wipe down easily as well if it does get dirty. If white isn’t your preference, you can get black as well and both colours are available in matte or glossy finishes.

The Ascended Cord braided cable on the mouse is not only long (roughly 6 1/2 feet) but it is super flexible and soft. Not only is it flexible, but it also doesn’t tangle and it is super lightweight as well.

Overall, the Glorious Model D is comfortable and very light. As I mentioned, I was a bit skeptical of the design but after using it for a few weeks, I rather do like it.

Ease of Use

The Model D gaming mouse can be used as-is out of the box. Of course, if you do, you’ll be limited to the default button bindings and 400/800/1600/3200 DPI settings. If you want further customization, including LED lighting control and macro setup, you’ll want to download the Glorious Model D Software app for Windows.


For full control over your Model D settings, you’ll definitely want to download the software app. Once you’ve installed it, you can remap the six available buttons, including macros, set profiles, control DPI settings (up to 12000), lighting, lift-off distance, polling rate (up to 1000Hz), and denounce time.

The app itself is pretty straightforward and easy with everything being on one screen. Re-assigning buttons or creating macros is as simple as selecting the appropriate button and assigning the function, key combination, or macro you want to trigger when using said button.

Glorious Model D Software app for Windows screenshot
Glorious Model D Software app for Windows screenshot.

On the RGB side of things, there are eight different lighting effects, as well as an LED off setting. Each of the effects offer up something different and, depending on effect, let you adjust brightness, speed, or colour switch.

While you can set up different profiles in the app, there is no onboard profile storage on the Model D itself. This is definitely something that would be nice to have, especially if you have a home desktop setup and a mobile setup like a laptop.

As mentioned, the app is pretty simple but it is straightforward and easy to use.


As mentioned above, Glorious PC Gaming Race was created to provide high-quality gaming peripherals at an affordable price. The Glorious Model D features Omron mechanical switches, rated for 20 million clicks, and a Pixart PMW-3360 Optical Sensor.

The scroll wheel and DPI button on the Glorious Model D gaming mouse
The scroll wheel and DPI button on the Glorious Model D gaming mouse.

Based on the materials and sensor used, the Model D does indeed perform as expected. I wasn’t sure I’d like the lighter mouse but it didn’t take long to get used to the lack of weight — in a good way. Movement of the mouse is nice and smooth and, depending on your DPI setting super responsive. Glorious indicates that the Pixart 3360 Sensor is the “competitive e-sports industry standard” and it worked well in all games we tested it with. From MOBAs like Heroes of the Storm to FPS’ like Call of Duty: Warzone and Bleeding Edge, I had no issues with the response of the mouse.

One thing I did notice though, and it is minor, is that the scroll wheel squeaks on occasion. When gaming with a headset on or the speakers on, you can’t notice it but in quieter settings, you can. I did blow it out with compressed air but that didn’t seem to help the issue at all. As I said, it is minor and only noticeable sometimes but it is there — at least in our review sample. Looking at other reviews on the Glorious site, there was only one other that I saw that mentioned the same so it’s likely an issue affecting a small number of mice.


With an MSRP of US$49.99 ($59.99 for the glossy finish), the Glorious Model D is definitely one of the more affordable gaming mice out there. Not only is it reasonably priced, but it ticks all the boxes gamers want checked off with a gaming mouse. It definitely offers great value for the price if you’re looking to switch or upgrade your gaming mouse.


Quality gaming mice can cost a pretty penny but the Glorious Model D gaming mouse proves that they can also be affordable. With its performance, lightweight design, and affordable price point, the Model D easily garners a Top Pick of 2020 Award here at Techaeris.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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