Infographic: The importance of momentum


Are you starting to feel like you are in a slump? We all got derailed by the pandemic, and getting back on track is proving to be more difficult than many of us anticipated. Getting started again is always more difficult than continuing on from where we were, and a large swath of the population is going to be facing how to get started again in the near future. Fortunately there are some tricks for getting your momentum building again, and they can get you back in the habit of achieving your goals in no time.

Whether you are trying to get your career restarted or get back into your hobbies, taking a lot of time off can be a reset button. Start by clearly defining your goals and write them down. Then think about all the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals and write those steps down, too. Any steps that are complicated should be broken down further into even smaller steps. The idea is to break down your goals into smaller, easily achievable steps.

Then, kickstarting your momentum is as easy as taking that first step. Crossing one thing off your list will give you the emotional energy to tackle the next thing, and before you know it crossing things off your list will become a habit instead of hard work. That’s how excellence works – it’s all about leveraging your momentum to make achievement a habit.

Of course setbacks will happen, and how you deal with those is also of critical importance. Instead of wallowing in self-pity when you fail at something, reframe it as a learning opportunity to help you grow stronger in the future. Work toward antifragility by learning how to become stronger in the face of any setbacks.

Momentum can be difficult to achieve, but sustaining it is actually a lot less work than getting started. Learn more about managing momentum below.

momentum infographic

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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