Infographic: How to find remote work in the remote economy


The pandemic has caused a lot of damage to the economy, but there is one major difference between this and previous major pandemics — technology. In previous pandemics, people just had to stay home and hope for the best, but with this pandemic, a lot of people are able to carry on with their lives thanks to the technology available. We can have our groceries and food from restaurants delivered through apps and we can order just about anything else we need, from furniture to clothing, delivered right to our doors. Perhaps the biggest advancement is that we can also work remotely, too, and this ability to work remotely is what is keeping the economy crawling ahead.

Remote work has been gaining steam in recent years, but up until recently still only about 5% of workers worked at home full time and just under 30% had the option to work from home part-time. Those are the workers who have led the way to the remote work revolution, as they already knew the way and were set up for uninterrupted work.

By 2025, it’s estimated that around 70% of jobs will be done remotely. This is a huge advantage for workers and companies alike. Companies can save a lot of money on office space and expenses while broadening their employment pools outside of their geographical areas. Workers can also access jobs outside of their geographical locations thanks to this remote work revolution, enabling them to move outside of congested and expensive cities and still work within their chosen field. In addition, it cuts back on commute time and expenses, is better for the environment, and more.

If you have lost your job or don’t have the option to work remotely, there are still employers out there hiring for remote positions right now. Especially for positions such as online teaching and education, IT and infosecurity, medical, accountants, and more, remote options are the best for those fields right now. Searching sites like Indeed, Nine2Five, ZipRecruiter, and more can give you lots of options.

Learn more about finding remote work below and let us know what you think about remote work in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or MeWe.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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