Linearflux HyperSonic True Wireless review: Strong battery life, IPX7, and affordable

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True wireless earbuds are here to stay, and the influx of good and affordable ones is also here. There are literally dozens of true wireless earbud choices with the latest to join the affordable fray being the Linearflux HyperSonic TWS. Linearflux is a new audio company that looks to be trying to capture the sports and fitness crowd.

The Linearflux HyperSonic TWS are IPX7 rated waterproof, have a strong 20+ hour battery life, and ring in at just under US$100. These also feature passive noise cancellation with an excellent fit in the ear. You can also get 1-hour of playtime with just a 5-minute charge. Read on for our full review of the Linearflux HyperSonic TWS true wireless earbuds.


The Linearflux HyperSonic TWS has the following features and specifications:

  • Frequency response: 20-20kHz
  • Driver: DL01 HyperDriver
  • Battery life: 6-8 hours
  • Battery life with case: 20+ hours
  • True Wireless Hyper-Definition sound profile – tuned for popular streaming services by Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora
  • Exclusive DL01 Immersive Sound Engine enhances music clarity and bass
  • Qi-compatible wireless charging case (also USB-C wired charging compatible)
  • IPX7 water-resistant rating with an 18-month warranty against sweat and dust
  • Up to 6-8 hours playtime per charge, 20+ hours with charging case
  • 5 minutes of HyperCharging in the charging case provides an additional 1 hour of playtime
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology to eliminate call and music dropouts
  • Three sizes of pillow-soft ear-tips
  • Choose between (acid green or black) comfort shells and sport hooks for optimum in-ear stability and comfort
  • Built with multi-beam microphone for optimal sound for phone calls
  • One-touch feature supports Siri, Alexa, or Google Now
  • Weight:
    • Headphones: 10.2g
    • Case: 37.7g
  • Earbud Dimensions:
    • Length: 30mm
    • Height: 17mm
    • Depth: 28mm
  • Case Dimensions:
    • Length: 75mm
    • Height: 30mm
    • Depth: 45mm

What’s In The Box

  • Linearflux Hypersonic TWS
  • Qi-enabled charging case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 2 pair of extra ear tips
  • 1 pair of extra ear hooks
  • 1 pair of extra ear shells
  • Manuals and Documentation
Linearflux HyperSonic TWS review
What’s In The Box


The Linearflux HyperSonic TWS are most certainly designed for those who like a sporty aesthetic. Everything from the packaging to the Qi-enabled charging case has that sports “look” to it. It sort of reminds me of the old Sony Sports Walkman I used to have back in the late ’80s.

The charging case is about the same size as most of the competition but is actually lighter than others I’ve used. The top of the case is branded with the Linearflux logo and the USB-C port is on the back. Opening the case reveals a bright neon interior emblazoned with the Linearflux HyperSonic TWS branding. The same sort of color scheme flows into the earbuds themselves. The case clicks closed very nicely and the magnets hold the buds in firmly.

The earbuds themselves are average-sized and comparable to other brands. The outside of the buds has more branding on them, which actually looks pretty nice and goes with the sport aesthetic the company is shooting for. The color scheme is the same black and neon yellow on the earbuds.

Linearflux claims the HyperSonic earbuds have passive noise canceling. This can be said for most earbuds, but I did find these to fit really really well in the ear and they produce a very nice seal. This seal helps with the passive noise canceling and isolates the listener from the world outside of the music.

As I said, the fit on these is great. These babies sit right inside the ear so well and so tight they really help enhance the sound, and they won’t fall out. I’d say pretty great for exercise use, not to mention they are IPX7 waterproof rated so should do well with sweat too.

Linearflux HyperSonic TWS review
Paired well with the LG Velvet.

There are touch controls on both earbuds, and here’s what they do:

  • Left or Right:
    • 1-click: Play/Pause
    • 2-clicks: Track Forward
    • 3-clicks: Track Reverse
    • Press and Hold 1-sec: Siri or Google Assistant
    • 1-click: Answer an incoming call
    • 2-clicks: Hang up a call
    • Press and Hold 10-sec+: Master Reset

The one thing I couldn’t figure out was charging. I mean, plugging the case in or using wireless charging wasn’t a problem. The issue was knowing if they were charging at all. There is an LED on the front but it never seemed to be on when charging. It blinks when you put the buds in but doesn’t stay on when charging or blink red or orange or any color at all (although the instructions say it should do so). So I just never knew when they were done charging. There is an LED on each bud and when you put them in, they do light up, but that doesn’t tell me much. I plugged them in overnight to be sure they were charged 100%.

Overall, the design of the Linearflux HyperSonic TWS earbuds are designed well. The company really hit their goal of the sport look. I love the fit and noise isolation they provide. I do wish there was an LED charging indicator.

Ease Of Use

The Linearflux HyperSonic TWS are super easy to use. Just pop them into the charging case, charge them up to full, remove them and put them in. They will pair to each other and then go into pairing mode. Just find them in your device’s Bluetooth settings and you’re set. Overall, just as easy to use as any other Bluetooth earbuds.

Linearflux HyperSonic TWS 3
The sound favors the bottom end.


The best way to describe the sound of the Linearflux HyperSonic TWS is bass friendly. While these don’t overpower the mids and highs, they are tuned even more to the bass side than I normally like. This isn’t a ding towards them as I know there are plenty of people who enjoy this sort of soundstage.

The mids and highs are pretty well balanced, and that extra bass adds a thick bottom end. The really excellent noise isolation makes the whole soundstage that much beefier and full. As I already mentioned, I am a really big fan of the fit and the noise isolation these offer.

Overall, the sound is thick, a bit thicker than I prefer, but for many, this is going to hit the sweet spot.

Reception/Call Quality

Bluetooth reception is good, just as good as any other Bluetooth device. Call quality was decent on my end, but the people I called said I sounded tinny and that the background was amplified. I don’t use earbuds for phone calls so this is irrelevant to my use case, but for those who need them for phone calls, these may not be for you.

Battery Life

Battery life is outstanding with a total of 20-hours, give or take, depending on your use case. I got about 7-hours on one charge and then there are the extra charges in the case. You can also bump charge the Linearflux HyperSonic TWS with an hour of charge time with only 5-minutes of charging. Overall, these are great on battery life and most should be happy with them.

Linearflux HyperSonic TWS 4
Priced competitively at US$99.98.


The Linearflux HyperSonic TWS are priced at US$99.98. This isn’t the cheapest set of TWS earbuds on the market but they stand head-to-head with the competition. I think the value for what you get is here, but I think these would fly off the shelves if they priced them at US$79.98 instead. But this price point is competitive.

Wrap Up

Overall, these are competitive earbuds. They have an IPX7 waterproof rating, great battery life, good noise isolation, good sound, and a competitive match. The Linearflux HyperSonic TWS are built for those who are into the sports lifestyle. These should keep up with those who are active and are looking for a healthy dose of features from their earbuds.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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