The information that 11 large tech companies collect from their users

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How much information is being collected by some of the most popular apps and websites on the internet? The short answer to this question is, A LOT! See for yourself with this chart, created by TruePeopleSearch, that compares almost sixty different pieces of information that tech companies admit to collecting on their users. They dug through the privacy policies of eleven of the biggest tech companies in the world to find out who was collecting what.

It comes as no surprise that the list of tech companies includes the top five most valuable brands in the world: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. Out of these five companies, Facebook collects the most information on their users by far. Only ten boxes out of the almost sixty types of information collected were left unchecked for this social media powerhouse.

The other tech companies included in the lineup are social media giants Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok; ride share companies Uber and Lyft, and the popular social news site Reddit which bills itself as the “front page of the internet”. Out of all of the tech companies included, Reddit was found to collect the least amount of information on their users with just twenty-three boxes checked.

What types of information are these companies collecting on their users? The list includes personal data such as your name, age, and gender which a few of the companies were found to infer just from the name and pronouns used. Other things they were found to collect include contact information (including that of your contacts), information about your device and mobile carrier, the apps you use, the content you view, and the ads you engage with. Some of these companies even admit to collecting facial recognition data and keystroke patterns! Has your opinion of your favorite tech company changed now that you can see all of the information they are collecting on you?

tech companies infographic

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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