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Let me start this review by saying that I am not a fan of Apple’s AirPods. This doesn’t have anything to do with the sound but rather the shape and fit. This doesn’t mean the AirPods are bad, it’s just a personal preference for me. The Urbanears Luma are very similar to Apple’s AirPods in shape and fit, which sort of turned me off at the onset.

After coming to grips with the extreme similarities to AirPods, I went into the review knowing that I was not a fan of this shape and fit of earbud and decided to approach it from the perspective of users who do. I also let my daughter use these and provide some feedback to give me a better handle on writing the review. So read on for the full review of the Urbanears Luma.

The Urbanears Luma has the following features and specifications:


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz — 20kHz
  • Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 90 dB
  • USB Output for charging: Wireless, USB–C
  • Play Time: Up to 25h
  • Charging Time: < 2h
  • Water Resistance: Water splash-resistant design (IPX4)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Number of microphones: 4

What’s In The Box

  • Urbanears Luma earbuds
  • Wireless charging case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Legal and safety manual
Urbanears Luma earphones
These are pretty much AirPods clones.


Let’s start with the charging case. I already own the Apple AirPod Pro and the Urbanears Luma case is about the same size as that case. It’s more square versus the AirPod Pro’s oblong shape, but it’s generally comparable.

The Urbanears branding is engraved on the lid and the USB-C port is on the back. The hinge on the back looks like a fake chrome-type material and is very shiny. There is also a loop on the case that could serve as a way to connect to a bag or purse.

Opening the case up you’ll find the earbuds laying flat inside. The magnets used to hold them in are plenty strong, so they really shouldn’t fall out. There is also an L and R engraved on the inside so you know which bud goes where. There is an LED charging indicator on the inside, but I wish this was on the outside.

Pulling the Urbanears Luma out of the case you’ll find that only the right earbud has the Urbanears branding. I actually like that as it is helpful to quickly identify them if you happen to lay them on a table or something. The stems have the magnetic charging points as well as an LED light indicator.

As far as the rest of the design of the Urbanears Luma, well, they’re pretty much clones of AirPods. These do not have ear tips that go into your ears, but rather opt for a molded case that sort of sits in your ear. For some, this is the optimal design and they swear by it. For me, I prefer an ear tip that provides a more secure fit and better noise isolation.

Overall, these are going to really work well for those who love AirPods design and feel. I’m not scoring the design low mostly because I know the popularity of this design and if you’re considering these, you’re probably doing so because of the design. It’s not my favorite, but I can’t discount the design because it is so sought after by consumers.

Urbanears Luma earphones
No ear tips, these just sit in your ears like hooks.

Ease of Use

The Urbanears Luma are pretty straight forward when it comes to use. One thing to be aware of, and it’s no issue if you read instructions all of the time, you will need to be sure to remove the plastic film covering the charging contacts before use.

I was confused at first when the earbuds would not turn on. Of course, I failed to consult the manual first and the plastic film is very transparent and hard to see. This was totally my fault and not Urbanears.

At any rate, you remove the film, then put the buds back in, then remove them again to pair. Pairing is the usual process as any other buds or Bluetooth device.

The outside of the Urbanears Luma have touch controls that perform the following functions:

  • Double-tap any bud: Play/Pause, answer call or hang up
  • Triple tap left bud: Previous song
  • Triple tap the right bud: Next song
  • Press and hold any bud for 2-seconds: Voice Assistant

Overall, these are very simple to setup and use. Zero complaints here.

Urbanears Luma earphones Apple AirPods
The overall footprint is pretty small.


The sound stage of these earbuds is very flat, which is something I really like. The bass, mids, and highs are all very well balanced. The problem I have lays in the design. Because of the design, the Urbanears Luma do not seal as well as earbuds with ear tips.

Now, that being said, some people really love this feature. It does allow for you to be more aware of your surroundings as you’re not totally closed off. But for me, I want my music to be the only thing I hear, which is why I am not a fan of how this type of design works.

That all being said, the sound is actually really good and could be better if these had ear tips, but that’s just not how they’re designed. I really think the sound on the Urbanears Luma are on par with similar AirPods alternatives.

Overall, I think that for those seeking this type of design, the sound is going to be very close to what they’re seeking. On a personal level, I would not choose these for my own headphones, but my daughter loves the fit and sound, and therein lays the verdict. These aren’t for everyone in terms of sound but for those who are attracted to this type of earbud, they’re going to be a solid pick.

Reception/Call Quality

Bluetooth reception is solid and holds for a good distance. The call quality is actually really solid! I was shocked at how good these were, and I don’t like using earbuds for calls. These were certainly miles better than the last pair of TWS earbuds I reviewed. They’re nearly on par with the Apple AirPods. Calls were crystal clear and callers could hear me just fine with no echo. Even with background noise, they could hear me fine. Overall, no real complaints here.

Battery Life

Battery life was a bit hard to test with these as I haven’t had them long enough to drain them. But based on my first use, I am going to take Urbanears at their word that you should be able to get 25-hours with the buds and charging case combined. That’s pretty good battery life.

Apple AirPods


The Urbanears Luma are priced at US$99 and that’s pretty much where a lot of these TWS earbuds are being priced. I think this is a fair price and you get good value if this is the design you’re going after. If you’re looking for a bit better sound and better fit, then there are other choices that are better. But, I know how popular this design is and I can safely say that these are an excellent AirPods alternative.

Wrap Up

For those seeking AirPods alternatives that are fairly priced for the feature set, the Urbanears Luma are going to fit that bill. These may not fit the ideal pair of earbuds for me, but I know there is an extensive audience to whom these will be an excellent choice.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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