Infographic: Networking in college during COVID-19


OK, so we’re all tired of calling this “unprecedented times,” but the fact remains that most people alive today have never lived through anything like this. Students are being hit especially hard right now as they and their parents make the decision to keep them home or send them to school where they could potentially get very sick. There are no easy answers, but the best way to handle it is to plan for the worst-case scenario and adapt. Kids are probably not going to go back to in-person school any time soon in most places, so teaching them to make the most of online school is the best course of action right now.

For college students, this is going to be an especially challenging time. College is a time to discover new things and meet new people, and those people will be by your side throughout your career. But what if you aren’t meeting people in person anymore?

Networking in college prepares you for your professional future. You have to have a strong network in order to succeed. Building that network is going to look a little different for the foreseeable future, but it’s not impossible.

Students need to treat online school like they would regular school. They need to introduce themselves to classmates and seek out opportunities to learn more about them and build friendships and professional relationships.

Adding classmates to LinkedIn is a great place to start, but there are other opportunities as well. Many campuses are having virtual meet-ups for clubs and organizations so that people can still have an opportunity to socialize with peers and get to know each other. Even Greek organizations are bridging the digital gap during these challenging times.

Just because college isn’t going to happen in person this semester doesn’t mean all is lost. In business, you have to be adaptable, and learning to adapt to challenging circumstances now will help you in your professional future. Learn more about remote networking in college from the infographic below.

The Challenge of Remote Networking for College Students
Infographic: Networking in college during COVID-19 2

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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