10 reasons motorized window blinds are a good choice


When someone hears the name motorized window blinds, there is the assumption that it is a fancy and intricate thing that involves a lot of work. The opposite of this, however, is true.  These are simply blinds that do not have cords and can close and open either by a touch of a button or through automated commands. There are so many benefits of having motorized window treatments in your home. Some of them are:

Safety for children and pets

Blinds with cords tend to get looped. If you have children and pets, this can be a problem. There were reported cases of children and pets getting entangled in them, which made it dangerous. For this reason, cordless blinds were introduced. Without the cords, you can rest easy that no one will get hurt since there is nothing to get wrapped around a child or pet’s head. These blinds work best if you have rooms that children and pets can access when there is no supervision.

Boost the home’s energy efficiency

Through insulation and heat control, these blinds help to boost your home’s energy efficiency. The blinds control how much light can get into your home, and you can open them up to let natural light in and turn of your artificial lighting. You can also have them open up at a specific time to block excessive heat during the day in certain rooms.

Fits bigger windows

 If you have big windows, then you know the hassle that comes with finding the right fit curtains for your home. Unlike curtains that need to be made to fit various windows, these binds are designed for big windows. They fit correctly into an architecture that has big spaces. If you would like smaller blinds, you can also ask for them.

Automated settings

With the motorized blinds, you are able to access automated settings for when they open and close. This would come in handy if you had to travel and left the blinds open as they would close themselves. These settings will ensure that your home is safe since no one can look into it in your absence. Additionally, it is an extra layer of security for your home. Many people from the outside will think there is still someone in the house since the blinds can keep opening and closing regularly.

They protect your furniture from sun damage

You can set the blinds to close when there is too much sunlight coming into a room at a particular time. While the sun may be good for lighting up the home, it can damage your furniture. Having blinds that can close according to smart conditions will help ensure the longevity of your furniture. The blinds can close all the way when it is sunny or halfway, or anywhere in between, depending on how much sun you want to allow into the house.

Waking up is made easy

It has been proven that you wake up better with natural light coming into the room than the harsh electric lights. With the automated setting, this is possible to be achieved. The blinds will open up when it’s light enough; this way, you wake up in a good mood. You also do not need to switch on the light in the morning, blinding when you just got up. The natural light is the best type of alarm, especially for people who dislike loud alarm ringtones.

Increases the value of your home

If you ever want to sell your home in the future, adding this feature to your home will help with value addition. Most new home buyers are looking for smart homes. Motorized blinds are one way to incorporate the smart house features in the home. You are more likely to sell your house at a higher value if you have this in your house. If you are making futuristic homes, then this is a must-have.

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You can operate the blinds from a distance

Nothing is as annoying as having to stand up each time you need to open or close your blinds. This hassle is reduced when you have the motorized blinds. You can operate the blinds by merely pushing a button and not even having to be close to the window while doing it. This way, you can open and close the blinds from the comfort of your bed or couch.

Varied control options

Other than a remote, there are various other ways to control the blinds’ opening and closing. You can have a wall-mounted control switch, the remote, or use an app. There are various apps you can get online to sync your blinds too. This makes it easy for you as you do not need to walk around with the remote or go to the wall each time you need to close or open the blinds.

Integrates with a smart home system

If you are constructing a smart house, then this system will integrate well with everything else. The system can function independently and seamlessly, along with other smart home systems. This is something you need to add to your list of smart systems in your smart home.

Wrap Up

As technology keeps advancing, we keep changing how we live our lives. For anyone who wants things made easy for them and their household, getting motorized window blinds is the first step. It is not only easy to operate. You are also assured of increased safety for your children and pets. The fact that it can integrate safely with other smart home systems makes this a must-have for people who have futuristic goals for their dream homes.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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