[CES 2021] TCL announces OD Zero mini-LED technology and new TVs


TCL has been making a splash with its new Android devices, but they’ve been a strong market player in the TV world for more than a few years now. The company has now announced a new TV technology dubbed OD Zero mini-LED. TCL has also announced a few new TVs for 2021 as well.

Like other TV makers, TCL is offering a better viewing experience with its OD Zero mini-LED technology. Here’s what the TCL press release had to say about OD Zero mini-LED as well as the new TVs.

TCL OD Zero mini-LED and new TVs

[CES 2021] TCL announces OD Zero mini-LED technology and new TVs

TCL is a global leader in mini-LED backlight technology for high-performance TVs. After launching the 8-Series Roku TV, the world’s first mini-LED powered TV in the US in 2019, TCL then expanded the availability of smooth luminance and precision contrast by introducing its 2nd generation of mini-LED backlight technology on the powerful 6-Series line with Roku TV in 2020. A pioneer in delivering sharp contrast and brilliant brightness with mini-LEDs, TCL continues to take the lead in display innovation with its 3rd generation of mini-LED backlight launching later this year – OD Zero mini-LED technology.

OD Zero combines TCL’s latest mini-LED backlight technology, driven by its skilled in-house development and vast expertise in display engineering, to deliver an ultra-slim display with tens of thousands of mini-LEDs and thousands of Contrast Control Zones™ for striking brightness, precision contrast, and smooth uniformity. The zero represents the measurement of distance between TCL’s mini-LED backlight layer and the LCD display layer, which has now been reduced to a remarkable 0 mm to create an ultra-thin high-performance panel.

Adding mini-LED backlight technology to the award-winning 6-Series TCL Roku TV™ models last year crowned the line with even more powerful picture performance and infinite entertainment but in the year ahead, all 2021 6-Series TCL Roku TV models being launched will feature 8K resolution. With 8K resolution four times sharper than today’s 4K TVs, this means sharp clarity whether the content is native 8K from popular streaming services or if it’s 4K content that’s intelligently upscaled with TCL’s powerful AiPQ Engine™ technology. While the new 6-Series 8K TCL Roku TVs will roll out later this year, all existing 6-Series 4K TCL Roku TV models will continue to be available.

In addition to making 8K more accessible, TCL will debut The XL Collection – the company’s first lineup of 85” displays. Three different models will make up the XL Collection this year and each 85” TV will feature performance levels for every kind of home theater. From a simply smart 85” 4-Series TCL Roku TV that delivers the easiest way to enjoy 4K HDR streaming and an 85” 4K HDR TCL Roku TV with QLED picture quality to the ultimate 85” mini-LED powered 8K TCL TV with QLED wide color technology, the XL Collection will fit any budget and exceed the highest performance standards to deliver larger-than-life home entertainment.

For more impactful, more immersive and more engaging visual experiences that can truly transport viewers beyond the surface of a display, there is no substitute for a big screen TV. And with the powerful technology and performance of the 85R745 including Quantum Dot (QLED) color technology to deliver better brightness and wider color volume; Dolby Vision to dramatically expand the color palette; Dolby Atmos™ to transport you into the story; Contrast Control Zone technology to optimize the image across individual zones for striking contrast, as well as Variable Refresh Rate and 120Hz HDMI input support for a smoother gaming experience, the new XL Collection model will provide an exceptional home theater performance.

The massive models of the XL Collection will be available in North America during the year ahead, starting with the 4-Series TCL Roku TV 85” set (85R435) launching later this quarter at just $1599. The 85” QLED TCL Roku TV (85R745) and 85” mini-LED powered 8K TV will arrive in the months to follow.

[CES 2021] TCL announces OD Zero mini-LED technology and new TVs
TCL 85R745

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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