[CES 2021] TCL announces TCL 20 5G and TCL 20 SE

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TCL made a splash last year by entering the Android smartphone market. We’ve reviewed a few of their Android devices and have been more than impressed. For the nominal price, you’re getting some surprisingly high-quality hardware. The company has now announced the TCL 20 5G and the TCL 20 SE with enhanced NXTVISION 2.0 display technology.

The 20 5G and 20 SE smartphones blend a nature-inspired design with exceptional performance and affordability, offering upgrades over last year’s 10 Series of smartphones to handle today’s consumer’s needs, including two 5G-capable models, improved imaging, and solid performance and battery life. This year’s mobile devices lineup includes the TCL 20 5G, the company’s first 5G-capable smartphone to launch at under 300EUR.

“After the successful launch of the TCL Mobile brand, 2021 will be a significant year for TCL’s business as we build on the momentum established last year and continue to grow as one of the world’s largest end-to-end global consumer electronics brands,” said Aaron Zhang, CEO of TCL Communication. “This year, our TCL-branded mobile devices are highlighting an increasing focus on strengthening our TCL ecosystem by making 5G connectivity more affordable and accessible to people around the world, without compromising the premium features and design associated with TCL.”

The 20 Series features the latest TCL-made displays and the next generation of NXTVISION, TCL’s proprietary advanced display optimization, and camera technology. NXTVISION 2.0 provides users with improvements to the video and image display experience that debuted last year with the TCL 10 Series, including improved SDR to HDR conversion, enhanced color calibration, and more eye safety features. Select devices in the 20 Series will also include a next-generation dedicated display engine combined with AI software to enable adaptive display features, fewer false touches, and TCL’s new AI visual enhancement technology. The AI, visual enhancement technology, is an algorithm that intelligently detects your environment’s lighting and distinguishes between different visuals to automatically enhance brightness, color accuracy, clarity, and contrast.

TCL 20 5G

[CES 2021] TCL announces TCL 20 5G and TCL 20 SE

The TCL 20 5G, which features a larger 6.67-inch FHD+ Dotch display, is designed for those seeking powerful 5G performance along with an enhanced display and video streaming experience. Equipped with NXTVISION technology, the TCL 20 5G supports HDR10 video playback for streaming TV series, documentaries and films on Netflix, providing users with the ability to watch videos as their creators intended. NXTVISION also features an SDR-to-HDR real-time conversion tool for an outstanding visual experience, as well as an exclusive piece-by-piece display calibration mode that further enhances the display’s color accuracy.

The phone’s 5G capabilities are powered by an 8nm octa-core Snapdragon™ 690 5G chipset. These technologies are designed to deliver a seamless user experience no matter what apps, games, or services are being used. The TCL 20 5G’s power management is optimized by Smart 5G technology, which automatically switches between 4G and 5G bands based on data usage to help further stretch the built-in 4500mAh battery.

For those looking to capture stunning photos and videos, the TCL 20 5G also features an AI-powered triple camera setup with technologies that enhance auto-focus and video image stabilization, along with low-light, high-resolution shots. The 48 megapixel main rear camera takes detailed images and utilizes PDAF auto-focus for taking crisp and reliable pictures every time.

The TCL 20 5G comes in both Mist Gray and Placid Blue and is now available in Italy for 299EUR. It will be rolled out across multiple countries next month.


[CES 2021] TCL announces TCL 20 5G and TCL 20 SE

The affordable new TCL 20 SE has all of the features associated with an advanced smartphone, along with a superior video entertainment system for those looking to take their A/V experiences on-the-go.

Stunning video performance is delivered via a 6.82-inch, V notch display with 90 percent screen-tobody ratio for a maximized viewing experience, along with a 20.5:9 screen ratio which provides broad, cinematic-like viewing performance in a slim form factor. To take further advantage of the large display, the TCL 20 SE also features a Smart Floating Window, which lets users browse the web or reply to messages while watching videos; the feature is triggered by swiping to the right or left corner, and can be adjusted in size or move to anywhere on the display. Like the TCL 20 5G, the TCL 20 SE also provides outstanding video playback through SDR-to-HDR technology. And thanks to NXTVISION technology, color, contrast and clarity are all enhanced while videos are being enjoyed in real time. The smartphone’s dual speaker design also improves the audio experience—no speakers are blocked when the device is being held in a user’s hand—and it is also compatible with Hi-Res Audio certification. To power all of these features, the TCL 20 SE has a Qualcomm octa-core chipset and a 5,000mAh battery. It also comes with On-The-Go reverse charging capability, making it possible to top up the battery of a friend’s device or a smaller gadget.

And, while maximized video entertainment and power are the foundations of the TCL 20 SE, the device’s quad rear camera comes with AI-powered color portrait and sky enhancement features, which are designed to automatically detect the intended subjects and adjust the background for more beautiful shots. Additionally, the new AI Object Eraser is capable of clearing out people or objects that are in the background.

The TCL 20 SE will be available this month in Nuit Black and Aurora Green across multiple countries for 149EUR.

In the coming weeks, the TCL 20 Series will also expand with at least three additional models, including one more 5G smartphone.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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