Focal announces luxury Celestee wired headphones


Focal makes some of the best audio gear on the market, and we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing several of their offerings. The company makes luxury headphones but also has some more affordable offerings. The latest luxury pair introduced today are the wired Celestee.

Focal says the Celestee will deliver “uncompromising audio quality,” which the company does with every headphone it produces. The new Celestee will come in a new blue finish, which the company says showcases the French brand’s savoir-faire in audio.

Focal Celestee specs

“Navy is the new Black. Dark blue is a versatile and timeless color that has been increasing in popularity. By choosing Navy Blue, we are adding a sophisticated, sumptuous feel to the headphones. The combination of this blue with copper and bronze accents is a trend influenced by interior and accessory design and has become popular in the watchmaking and consumer electronics sectors. These shades offer a very interesting and elegant alternative to more traditional chrome and silver parts.” Doris Bölck, Designer & Product Colorist

For over 40 years, Focal has been characterized by French innovation and manufacturing. The engineers have taken inspiration from their developments with the Elegia headphones and introduced acoustic treatment inside the Celestee earcups. The sound is precise, balanced and boasts beautiful depth in the bass. This exclusive technology is enhanced by the French savoir-faire of Focal: once the five manufacturing stages involved in the speaker drivers are complete, they are tested and measured, and then kitted out by dedicated teams to provide uncompromising audio quality.

Focal Celestee incorporates a combination of fine materials. Once again, attention is paid to every detail, including the accessories with the thermoformed woven carrying case in colors to match the headphones. The clean lines of the aluminum yoke create controlled geometry to mold perfectly to the head while providing optimal grip. The choice of a semi-aniline leather and microfiber headband, as well as leather earpads, provides added comfort while offering excellent soundproofing, whether you use Celestee at home or on the go.

Focal Celestee headphones

The Focal Celestee will be US$990, and available in the US in February. You can purchase them on the Focal website.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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