Xiaomi creates quad-curved waterfall display concept smartphone

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Bezels on smartphones have long been a topic of conversation for mobile geek types. Some users prefer more bezels, some prefer less, and still, some prefer none. Samsung and other Android device makers have made smartphones with no bezel on the sides, but Xiaomi wants to obliterate the bezel with its new quad-curved waterfall display concept.

Not that it matters a whole lot, but my preference is to have a skinny bezel all the way around. The waterfall display concept looks very cool; I won’t argue that, but I’ve found they are susceptible to accidental input. This new Xiaomi quad-curved waterfall display concept looks as if you will need to hold the phone in the palm of your hand. Check out the promo video for it.

As you can see, the display wraps around the entire phone, which means your hand will touch the display almost always. Now, I’m sure Xiaomi is working on some palm rejection software where the display knows it’s your hand and doesn’t register it as a touch. I believe Samsung has done something similar with its waterfall display devices. At the same time, the software does work most of the time. It doesn’t always work 100% of the time.

Xiaomi creates quad-curved waterfall display concept smartphone
Do you like waterfall displays?

The Xiaomi phone looks as if it may have a back that flares out slightly, creating a platform on which you can better grip the phone. But it’s hard to say. You can certainly see in the image above that the screen does wrap around all four edges. Again, the aesthetic is pleasing to the eye, but I still question the software’s ability to reject accidental input from your palm and fingers.

Some eagle-eyed Twitter users have also pointed out the corners of the new Xioami quad-core waterfall display phone seem to have bumpers. You can see this in the Tweets here and here. And if you look at the promo shots, you can see the corners of the Xiaomi phone seem to be purposely darkened.

Xiaomi creates quad-curved waterfall display concept smartphone
The four corners of the phone may actually have bumpers.

Whatever the reason for those bumpers. Xiaomi is currently running a social media campaign around this quad-curved waterfall display smartphone, likely for marketing and reach purposes. I suspect that this phone won’t go beyond a concept, but only time will tell.

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Last Updated on February 10, 2021.


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