Infographic: How messaging technology is transforming healthcare


Technology is a powerful medium for almost anything it is used for. Today’s prevalence of smartphones has transformed the way we communicate, the way we hear the news, the way we pay for things, and even the way we look at our own lives. We have used smartphone technology to either ease difficulty in everyday life or distract us from everyday life worries. Judging by the ways we utilize it, it is almost surprising that we have not utilized smartphone technology to streamline communication in healthcare industries. 

That is where omnichannel communication comes into play. Omnichannel communication employs mobile devices’ general usage to meet the needs of both physician and patient. This has numerous potential applications for both parties, and there will certainly be more uses discovered as this technology is used in common practice. More specifics for patient and physician benefits, applications, and desires for this technology are better outlined in the visual deep dive below.  Mobile messaging for healthcare is here to stay.

From a technological standpoint, this system would not be difficult to implement. Most people own at least one smart device, and smart devices come with an SMS application built-in. If users are willing or would prefer to use a messaging application, there would not be a large hassle on their part to install it on their personal device. Many physicians are already using these methods to communicate with one another regarding patient cases, so they are already familiar with the format that their specific device uses. Since patients can use their personal devices, they are more likely to navigate it easily, as opposed to having to learn the ins and outs of a provided patient portal. Omnichannel communication requires little to no setup, but it also allows for less human error and increases communication efficiency. Technology has the ability to transform healthcare—it’s all only a tap away!

How messaging technology is transforming healthcare

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