Nordgreen Pioneer Watch Review: An Elegant, Versatile Chronograph

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I recently received the Nordgreen Pioneer watch for review. I love wristwatches; they take me back to a time when things were simpler. When you buy an analog watch, all you have to do is take it out of the box, set the time, and put it on your wrist. No need to charge it first, connect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or accept any terms and conditions. You wear it and enjoy it. Simple.

And they are elegant as well. There is just something about an analog watch that looks classier than a digital watch. You can wear it to school, the office, or a black-tie event should the need arise. It would look appropriate in any of those situations. So, let’s look at the Nordgreen Pioneer watch and see how it stacks up against the digital competition.


  • Case Thickness 11.9mm
  • Case Width 42mm
  • Dial Colors Available White/Black/Navy
  • Case Material 316L Stainless Steel
  • Case Colors Available Silver/Rose Gold/Gun Metal
  • Crystal Domed Sapphire Crystal
  • Movement Japanese Quartz
  • Strap Width 20mm
  • Strap Materials Available Rubber/Leather/Vegan Leather/Metal Links/Metal Mesh/Nylon
  • Interchangeable Straps Yes
  • Water Resistant Up to 5ATM (Rain Resistant)

What’s in the box

  • 1x Nordgreen Pioneer Watch
  • Instructions


The Nordgreen Pioneer watch that I ordered is a 42mm chronograph with a white dial, gun metal case, and a brown vegan leather strap. Many times, a watch will feel too light or too heavy on the wrist.  Not so with the Nordgreen Pioneer. The case has a very solid feel to it and is just the right weight for my liking. The Nordgreen Pioneer Watch has the start/stop and reset pusher buttons on the right side. I did use the chronograph function several times, and it worked just fine. The reset always brought the hands right back to the starting position.

Face and Bezel

The face I ordered is white with silver hands and markers. The bezel is very narrow, giving the watch a very sleek look, and it has a very solid feeling domed crystal. And while the Nordgreen Pioneer is a chronograph, it still manages to be very elegantly designed. Most chronographs that I have seen have rotating bezels, lots of numbers, and generally look very busy and cluttered. Not so the Nordgreen Pioneer. The bezel is very narrow, the face looks clean and simple, and the markers are all very subtle. The only number on the face is the date. All that makes this watch very versatile. Casual or formal, it handles them both equally well. The only downside with the face is that the markers are very small. So, either make sure to wear your reading glasses or have excellent vision.

Nordgreen Pioneer Watch

Strap and Configurability

The vegan strap that I ordered is softer to the touch than any natural leather strap that I have ever used. This adds to the overall comfort of wearing the Nordgreen Pioneer watch for long periods. I have only been wearing the watch for about a week, and so far, the strap is holding up just fine. Only time will tell how it holds up in the long run. Of course, replacing straps is usually easy and inexpensive, so I don’t foresee any problems there. Each of Nordgreen’s watches is highly configurable, and you can order one to your own liking. You can order a navy, black or white face. The case comes in various finishes, and there are different straps you can choose from. You can even make bundles that come with more straps should you want to change the look.


When it comes to the performance of an analog watch like the Nordgreen Pioneer, there are a few things that we want to focus on. First, how well does it keep time? And second, how well is the watch put together? I tested the Nordgreen Pioneer using a watch accuracy app since I don’t have access to a timegrapher. I kept the watch untouched, on a horizontal plane, and away from any magnetic sources for three days.

When I checked the accuracy, it had lost only 2 seconds in those three days. Of course, I am relying on the app’s accuracy, so this was really just an unscientific test by an untrained watch collector. But still, there did not seem to be any significant loss or gain of time in the week that I was reviewing the Nordgreen Pioneer. The fit and finish of the Nordgreen Pioneer is very precise and beautiful. The pusher buttons have a nice solid feel and give firm, positive feedback when activated. The case is weighted just right and has a smooth, polished finish. The domed crystal is probably my favorite part of the watch. It feels solid and looks spectacular. I did accidentally hit the crystal against a doorknob before I was able to take the photographs for this article. Much to my relief, the watch remained totally unscathed.

Nordgreen Pioneer Watch


The Nordgreen Pioneer currently has prices starting at US$269 and can go up from there depending on the choices that you pick. I think this a reasonable price for such a versatile chronograph.

Wrap Up

If you are in the market for an analog watch, maybe you should look at the Nordgreen Pioneer. It is a great-looking, solidly built watch that allows for lots of personalization. With its sleek look, it will fit into any situation that you choose to wear it to. It’s a stylish, uncomplicated alternative to a smartwatch.


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