Infographic: Changing nursing homes from the inside out


COVID-19 exposed the many problematic facets of nursing homes, but these were not new. These issues have been on the rise for a while, and there needs to be a change.  Nursing homes face health code violations, causing physical harm to the residents like bedsores or, worse, neglect and abuse. These facilities face problems with finance as well, as there was a trend from 1999 to 2008 of facilities shutting down completely.

Conversely, the need for nursing homes will continue to grow, as there is a 70% chance that a 65-year-old will need long term sometime in the future and 20% will require care for more than five years, and need a place that is effective and more importantly comfortable to spend that much time in. 

Nursing homes are a place for the more vulnerable members of society, and the physical location they reside in should reflect this idea. One thing is clear; these places need renovation.

It is important to have high-quality, budget-friendly, and economical flooring and products and appliances that are efficient and safe for these residents. It is also crucial to understand the demographic of the nursing home’s population, as it should reflect their needs and wants, from the rooms it offers to the architecture to outdoor areas.

Nursing homes must also understand the environment it creates through the physical space. The rooms should be convenient and safe, appealing, and should overall evoke a feeling of safety. Cost-effective architecture can do this; with nursing home flooring: luxury vinyl tile, and smooth particle concept, it will create the perfect space for safety.

Safety and comfort are essential to these facilities; without them, they cannot function properly and will continue to lead to deteriorated states if not properly considered when creating and designing the modern architecture for the nursing homes.

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