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Several new technologies have emerged in recent years that are making the jobs of developers much easier. One of the most impactful new platforms is Docker. Docker is a development platform that relies on the principle of containerization. It uses a form of virtualization that operates at the operating system level. It enables developers to create new applications that can be delivered through small packages referred to as containers.

There are currently 6.5 million developers that rely on Docker. This new development platform’s benefits are evident to anybody that has invested the time needed to learn and master it.

If you are a software developer trying to create new applications, you should consider giving Docker a try. Some of the biggest benefits of using it are listed below.

Standardization of your environment

One of the absolute biggest benefits of Docker is standardization. You can use this platform to create a standardized experience across all environments.

There are several compelling reasons to take advantage of this. One of the biggest selling points of environment standardization is that it creates a uniform development and release cycle. Both developers and end-users have an idea of what to expect as new applications are developed and rolled out. This is a great benefit of the Docker registry.

Isolate code during the development, debugging, and modification phases

Docker containers are very similar to virtual machines. One of the other major benefits of them is that they can be easily isolated from any other application that could affect their performance. They can be segmented from the entire operating system and other Docker containers.

System resources are used as efficiently as possible

Application efficiency is the primary objective of every developer. We need to make sure that both their own environment resources and those consumed by their application will be used efficiently.

This is a major reason that so many developers have started using Docker. Applications that use containers don’t consume nearly as much system memory as those that are running on virtual machines. It can even be better than Vagrant for some purposes.

Additionally, they can be stored with less space on hard drives and servers. This helps avoid problems caused by bottlenecks with hardware constraints. Physical disks and other storage units are the major limiting factor as data scalability continues to grow at exponential rates.

This is a major way for developers and end-users to reduce costs. They will appreciate the benefits of compact storage with that are use of system resources.

Exceptional compatibility across all devices

Many developers have reported the same issue. They often start developing an application and tested on their own machine. It seems to work fine on their device.

Unfortunately, they often discover issues with other devices. The application might need to be tested on countless different types of devices before it can be released.

At least, that is the case with developers that are still using traditional approaches to creating software. Docker has made it a lot easier for them to develop applications that works seamlessly on any machine.

Docker containers are going to behave the same on any device or server. This saves developers the time of needing to create numerous environments and test their Applications across all of them.

Expediting delivery cycles of new software applications

Expediency is obviously one of the most important concerns of any software developer. They want to be able to create, debug and deploy applications as quickly as possible.

This is especially important in fast-moving industries. Developers can’t take the risk that their software is going to be obsolete by the time it reaches their customers.

Docker enables developers to create and release new application versions much more quickly. They can also roll back applications to previous versions if necessary.

Docker is a Powerful Development Platform that Offers Countless Benefits

There are a ton of great reasons to use Docker as a developer. It can be great for creating standardized environments, isolating code to improve debugging and ensuring compatibility across all devices. It should be no surprise that so many developers have started leaning on Docker tools. They will continue to invest in it in the future.

Last Updated on March 24, 2021.


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