Infographic: The history and the evolution of Windows OS


An operating system, like Windows OS, is a computer program that links a computer user to hardware and handles files, memory, processes, input and output, and peripheral devices like disc drives and printers, along with other computer components.  

Almost all devices today, from computers to smartphones and smart-gadgets, need an operating system to run. A few operating systems operate on a broad range of devices, while others are built for the hardware device. Windows OS (also known as just Windows), macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS are the five most popular operating systems. 

With a market share of 76.56¹ % in December 2020, Windows OS is the most popular desktop operating system (OS) worldwide. Microsoft Windows has continued to grow since its initial release in 1985. Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 7 are a few of the popular Windows OS models. 

In 1985, Microsoft released Windows OS. It has been the most widely used and user-friendly operating system since its creation. 

For everyday computing needs, the user does not need to know commands or coding to use Windows devices. Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the founders of Microsoft, set an ambitious target of placing a computer on every desk, in every home, four decades ago. This goal has been in the process of an achievement forty years later. Around the world, over a billion PCs are now in use in offices and homes.  

The objective of Microsoft’s growth is to have a global impact. Microsoft has become a component of social development and world technology affairs under the leadership of its first CEO, Bill Gates, and his successor, Steve Ballmer, to its current chief, Satya Nadella. 

PCs are more available than ever before, thanks to Microsoft Operating System and their unique distribution systems.  What the future holds is unclear, but one thing will be beyond doubt that Microsoft has altered the world, and its influence will last for decades. 

Microsoft is inevitable in our lives. When you listen to the word “Windows Operating System,” what appears in your memory? It’s easy-to-understand logos? Bill Gates? What about the various Windows OS versions? 

Visit the infographic below, provided by Scalefusion, to understand the evolution of Windows Operating Systems over time, the various iterations and versions delivered by Microsoft, and the versions that achieved technological and commercial success.

Windows OS infographic

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