It’s official, LG is closing its mobile business unit


After months of rumours, LG has officially announced that they are closing its mobile business unit, citing an “incredibly competitive mobile phone sector.” The move will allow the company to focus on other areas like connected devices, smart homes, AI, electric vehicles, robotics, and business-to-business solutions.

We’ve reviewed several LG smartphones over the years, including the interesting LG Wing. Generally speaking, we were impressed with the quality of its devices, as well as their willingness to try new things like dual and swivel displays. As LG mentioned, it is a crowded market, and they have been an underdog for some years now, going up against the likes of Apple, Samsung, and Huawei.

Current LG mobile phone inventory will still be available for sale. The company will provide service support and software updates for customers of existing mobile products for a period of time, varying by region.

LG Canada has included a Q&A with their press release which should hopefully answer most of your questions.

1. How long will LG mobile products be available for purchase?

A. LG mobile phones will be available for purchase while supplies last. Check with your carrier for specific product availability. 

2. Will my phone still work?

A. Your current LG phone will continue to work with your service provider.

3. Will customer services be available to LG phone users after the closing down of the mobile business?

A. In Canada, LG will fully honour its standard 1-year limited warranty included with each LG mobile phone. LG will provide additional after-sales support depending on the model and contractual obligations. After-sales support can be found here: or by calling 1-888-542-2623 from 8:00 a.m. ET to 9:00 p.m. ET, 7 days a week.

4. How long will repair parts be available? Will I still be able to buy mobile accessories?

A. LG will continue to provide service parts for a minimum of two years from the phone purchase date.
Supplies may be limited for various accessories, such as protective cases. 

5. Will operating system upgrades continue be provided?

A. An Android 11 OS upgrade is currently under development, and we also intend to provide an Android 12 OS upgrade, for select models. You will receive a notification on your phone if/when an update is available. Please contact 1-888-542-2623 with any questions.

6. Will software updates continue to be provided?

A. LG will provide security, software, and feature updates for at least two years for select models following the device’s release.

7. How long will LG applications and services continue to be available?

A. Applications and services will continue to be available and updated in line with the current policies. Relevant information regarding availability will be announced in advance of changes.

8. What are LG Electronics’ plans regarding the LG ThinQ app that monitors and controls home appliances?

A. The LG ThinQ app will continue to be available for download on both Google Play and iOS App Store so consumers can continue to use the LG ThinQ ecosystem of smart products and services.

9. What does LG closing its mobile business mean for current and future phones?

A. It means LG mobile phones will no longer be available after current inventories are sold. LG will not be introducing any new phones into the market in the future. For specific product availability, please check with your carrier.

10. What is the status of LG’s Second Year Promise program?

This no-cost extended limited warranty program will be fully honoured, continuing for those who register their eligible new phone per the program conditions.  For more details, please see  

11. Besides phasing out smartphones, what about other LG wireless devices?

A. LG wireless headphones, earbuds and Bluetooth speakers will still be available from LG Electronics Canada.

12. How will customers’ personal information be properly handled?

A. LG mobile phones operate on your carrier network using the Android operating system and can run third party apps and services. LG will continue to handle any personal information it collects via its apps and services in accordance with its privacy policies and applicable laws. For product registration and customer service, please see For all other LG services, please see the privacy policy that is provided with that service. Otherwise, please see the privacy policies of Google, your carrier, or the third party services.

13. What happens to the personal information stored on my device?

A. Personal data on your phone will remain accessible to you as your phone remains fully functional.  To the extent you store data on a cloud service by a carrier, Google or other third party provider, consult with the terms and conditions provided by such provider.

What do you think about LG closing its mobile business unit? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or MeWe.


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