Gadge Hub Kickstarter is a 9-in-1 hub with an M.2 SSD slot for external storage


Now that many laptops are moving towards exclusive USB-C connectivity, the use of a hub is almost necessary for many users. There are many hubs on the market, and they’re all fairly similar. The Gadge Hub is a 9-in-1 system that allows you to add an M.2 SSD to it for external storage.

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The new Gadge Hub is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter starting at around US$99. Here’s what the company’s press release had to say:

Gadge Hub

Gadge Hub, leaders in innovative mobile device technology, just announced the launch of the world’s First GaN charger + SSD enclosure + 2.5Gb Ethernet + 4K@60Hz HDMI + 3 Type-C + USB-A + SD card slot charging hub. This 9-in-1 Hub neatly combines charging, file transfer, and connectivity into one device and frees users from the hassle of carrying multiple chargers and cables.

Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS platforms, and Android devices, Gadge Hub connects all essential mobile devices with a suite of powerful features for maximum efficiency including 2.5Gbps Ethernet for faster downloads for video and game streaming, an M.2 SSD Slot for expanding storage, and the Latest Gallium Nitride GaN Technology with 100W Duo PD for fast charging of up to 4 devices simultaneously through its three USB-C ports and a USB-A port. It also has an SD card slot for data transfer convenience and an HDMI output that supports 4K@60Hz to extend desktops and output to multiple displays. Gadge Hub makes staying powered up during international travel easy with universal 90V – 250V input voltage that works in most countries.

The Gadge Hub looks interesting and you can check out the Kickstarter here if you want more information.

We’ve recently heard about several that we’ve written about that have failed or are having issues. Our reporting on crowdfunding campaigns does not mean we support or are affiliated with them. Support at your own risk.

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