The impact of AI on the gaming industry


Technology continues to change and evolve. This innovative technology has led to innovative and impressive advances in the gaming industry. In the past 20 years along there have been revolutionary changes in this industry.

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One example is Fortnite, created by Epic Games. This platform offers a virtual space for socializing with people around the world. However, that’s not all. Sony’s PlayStation VR has helped to bring more definition to the world of virtual reality. The latest advancement in the gaming industry is the impact of Artificial Intelligence or AI, which is by far the most revolutionary technology available today. While there are still impressive things happening in other tech-related fields, such as an AI-powered solar power system, the gaming industry deserves some attention.

If you are interested in learning more about how AI is set to revolutionize the gaming industry, keep reading. Below you can learn about some of the latest and most exciting advancements and offerings in this field.

Computer vision

Have you ever been curious about how photo filters in various social media apps put images, such as bunny ears, in the right position over your head? In the popular Pokémon Go game, how do the Pokémon you see are upright on the floor, rather than floating in the air?

Games like Pokémon Go use AI to position Pokémons in the real world
Games like Pokémon Go use AI to position Pokémons in the real world.

All this is done with computer vision. Computer vision is a part of AI that gives machines the ability to see the world the way people do and react to visual information properly. Thanks to facial recognition, machines can now recognize and distinguish between faces. This technology makes it possible for computers to scan your face and use your likeness to create realistic-looking in-game avatars.

Smarter games

With the use of AI, game developers are creating new techniques, such as pattern recognition and reinforcement learning. When these techniques are used, it helps the characters develop and evolve through the process of self-learning, which occurs with the various actions taken. Players can notice significant differences when they play games in the AI environment versus traditional gaming environments.

When AI is implemented, your games are more interesting. You can slow down or dispose-off the game to meet your needs. You can hear characters just having a conversation, much like real people do. The visual appearance, intelligence, and accessibility will make a huge impact on players. Some examples of this can already be seen in games such as FEAR and The Sims.

Plane detection

Today, computer vision models are also being used to detect flat surfaces or planes in a natural environment. When planes are detected, like the side of a building, the ground, or a wall, the AR application will know where it can and cannot place a digital object.

Realistic feel

In the past decade, there has been a huge change in the gaming industry. The sector’s revolution began when AI was released. Compared to other, earlier types of development, it is much easier to develop games in the AI realm.

Today, it is possible to find a huge selection of games featuring three-dimensional effects and other types of visualization techniques. AI is now working to take the gaming industry to a new place and into a new era. It is expected that soon, it will not just be about providing the best graphics but responding to and interpreting a player’s actions.

Unique gaming experiences

Some games, such as FIFA, provide a real-world feeling when you are playing them. The graphics help the game come to life. Now, just consider having this experience taken a step further thanks to AI. This is an experience that will be at an all-new level.

Also, the game’s action will feel real thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. Simply put, the gaming experience someone has will be completely changed from what is considered the “norm” today. With the combination of virtual reality and AI, it will be a deadly combination.

With these features, players will not feel like they are playing a game. Instead, they will think that things are happening to them in real life. With today’s games, developers are paying more attention to the small details. It is no longer just about the graphics and visual appearance.

Object recognition

Minecraft Earth uses mixed reality to bring Minecraft to the real world
Minecraft Earth uses mixed reality to bring Minecraft to the real world.

With the prevalence of MR (mixed reality technology), such as the HoloLens from Microsoft, games are now using object recognition in new and amazing ways. A popular MR game available today is Young Conker, which uses object recognition for detecting furniture in the room where it is being played. This detection makes the game playable in every room. It can then use the detected furniture as a playable location that Conker can jump on.

With the huge success of games like Dragon Quest Walk and Pokémon Go, along with Minecraft Earth, the popularity of MR and AR games in the future will likely grow even more.

Skill development

Developers must spend time improving their skills. They have to continually adapt to the industry changes that are occurring for developing games. This will also help them to improve their creative skills and even enhance their creativity.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, developers can now take their skills and abilities to a new level. They can benefit from using cutting-edge technology to help bring in new and innovative ways for developing games. Even more traditional game developers have adopted some aspects of AI to improve the games they are creating. While these individuals may not be working in a high-tech environment, they are developing games that feature all types of different AI elements.

Synthetic voices

In video games, this type of technology may be able to generate voice acting for all types of in-game dialogue. Some companies have already started developing these voice technologies, which can be downloaded and tried right now.

When this technology is implemented, game developers can type in the dialogue text, select the emotion that works with the scene and then generate the needed audio clip using dialogue vocalized. This eliminates the cost and time of traditional voice-over work.

The future is bright

As you can see, there are more than a few ways that AI is working to transform the gaming industry. As time continues to pass and technologies continue to evolve, these features will get better and provide even better experiences. Take some time to consider the video games available now, which will help you see how things have changed even from just a decade ago. Now with AI, the sky’s the limit regarding the capabilities of gaming in the future. Being informed is one of the best ways to know what will be coming in the future.

What do you think about the impact of AI on the gaming industry? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter, or MeWe.


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