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Do you have several RGB peripherals from different companies? Do you wish they’d play nice together? We reviewed the Whirlwind FX Element keyboard last year with its reactive RGB software, and it worked rather well. One of the things I wished for was the ability to work on my other devices as well. Now they should all work with the Whirlwind FX SignalRGB content-reactive RGB software!

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Until now, gamers had to rely on sticking with one manufacturer or ensuring their RGB devices (mice, keyboards, fans, LED strips, etc.) are compatible with specific software. In the end, as I know from experience, sometimes multiple different software applications are required, and even then, it’s tricky to sync your RGB lights outside of static colours.

Not only does SignalRGB sync your various devices, but it also gives users access to Whirlwind FX’s patented content-reactive RGB software. In other words, the software reacts to your game or movie and syncs your RGB lighting effects to offer a more immersive experience. It was pretty impressive on a single keyboard; I can only imagine how much more immersive it will be on a setup with many different RGB lights.

“We’re thrilled to launch the beta version of SignalRGB. No longer do you need five different software applications to set the colors of your rig to match, or to ripple reactive LED effects across your setup. With a single keystroke, you’ll have simple and controllable lighting that matches on every product. Our expansion into the software space is not only a major step in furthering our mission of providing immersive PC gaming experiences without limits, but also a game-changing moment for the industry.”

Timothy Sun, CEO and founder of Whirlwind FX

Even though it is subscription-based, there are two options for users. The first, SignalRGB Basic, is free and offers basic preset effects across third-party products. The second, SignalRGB Pro, adds reactive lighting and gives gamers access to an exclusive library of game integrations and advanced preset effects. To date, there are more than 70 integrations, with more launching every week.

SignalRGB Pro is now available with monthly, six-month and annual subscription plans starting at only US$2.99 per month. Even better, Whirlwind FX has provided us with a code for you, our readers, to get one month of SignalRGB absolutely FREE. To start, head over to the SignalRGB website and install the software. When launched, click the Log In button and follow the steps. When prompted, enter the code TECHAERIS to receive your first month free.

What do you think about the Whirlwind FX SignalRGB software bringing content-reactive RGB to any RGB peripheral? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter, or MeWe.

Last Updated on April 19, 2021.


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