Infographic: The drive for digital health trends


We are a society dependent on technology. You are probably reading this on your phone right now. Our increased internet access means that our preferences have changed drastically. We are no longer content to wait for information as we were before. We have to have things instantly, which commonly means that we value convenience, especially when it comes to digital health practices.

Our lives are also highly scheduled, and as such, we often don’t have time for setbacks or delays when it comes to our appointments. It is no surprise then that many people no longer are willing to wait for medical appointments and services. 

This tension between patients’ wants and physician wants has been boiling for a while, and we are now starting to see the changes made in the healthcare industry. One of the largest changes is the rapid conversion to digital health. 

Digital health is an extensive term here. The medical field has commonly been synonymous with reluctance to embrace technology, but now they are more than willing to make the switch. From records to virtual appointments, it seems that there is no end to what they want to be converted. 

This conversion is beneficial for both patient and physician. The patients get convenience and access to virtual medical care, increased access to medical information, and better overall interaction with their physicians. The physician has easier access to medical records and literature, the ability to see more patients, and a safer environment like the pandemic. 

The conversion to digital healthcare should have happened earlier; however, both sides need to embrace it now that it is here. This could be the solution to revitalizing an industry that is desperate for innovation. It could also be the wake-up call for patients to take an active role in their health journey and thrive.

Acceleration of Digital Health

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