HEYKUBE is the world’s first all-in-one programmable smart cube


The iconic Rubik’s Cube has been one of the most popular puzzle games in history, and I’ve never been able to solve the damn thing. I have much respect for those who can solve this brain burner of a puzzle. The HEYKUBE is inspired by Rubik’s, and it’s the world’s first all-in-one programmable smart cube that doesn’t need an app to use.

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HEYKUBE started as a Kickstarter campaign and has now moved to general availability through Amazon for US$99.99. The HEYKUBE uses LED lights to give you hints on how to solve the puzzle. You can turn these lights on and off, depending on how challenging you want the puzzle to be. Here’s what the company’s press release had to say about this new smart cube:


With the technology built into the toy and no app required, HEYKUBE reinvents the 3×3 puzzle for everyone to solve, combining nostalgia with tech to offer a whole new level of fun. HEYKUBE is also customizable and perfect for coding education as the only programmable cube on the market allowing players to create, share and solve their own algorithms via Python.

HEYKUBE does what no other smart cube can do because everything you need is inside the device, including a powerful microprocessor, accelerometer, Bluetooth LE, sound, sensors, and low power technology. Using the HEYKUBE open API and Python Library via Raspberry Pi, anyone can create games, solutions, patterns, music, and more. For more fun, and more sharing, users are encouraged to download the HEYKUBE companion app (available on iOS and Android) to connect with friends and family, share scrambles to challenge each other, or learn how to solve scrambles via video tutorials.

Players can solve scrambles through different levels of difficulty and three different ways to play: Quick solve, learn to solve, and 16 patterns instantly ready to be solved. The solution is in your hands as HEYKUBE beeps after each solved step, while the embedded LED lights guide players to solve. HEYKUBE’s built-in long-lasting battery ensures the fun lasts solve after solve.

“We created HEYKUBE with the idea that everyone from the beginner to the experienced cuber would have endless possibilities to learn and solve scrambles, and also create their own and share them with friends. It combines the familiar nostalgia factor with powerful technology that allows everyone to enjoy a time-tested puzzle like never before,” said Dave Garrett, one of the inventors of HEYKUBE. “We are also proud of the educational aspect HEYKUBE brings to the world and hope a whole new generation of cubers develop a love and passion to code their own devices and share their creations with the world.”

HEYKUBE is available now ($99.99 MSRP) at heykube.com and Amazon. Each HEYKUBE includes a micro-USB charging cable, charger, instructional booklet, and a QR code with automated tutorials.

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