The Justice Department is finally making cybersecurity and ransomware a priority


Today, more than ever, cybersecurity is an important part of any business plan. Developing a good plan to safeguard your data is just good form, but sadly many businesses and government entities have neglected it. Now, the United States Justice Department is finally making cybersecurity and ransomware a priority.

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Given the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline and, more recently, the attack on the JBS Meat Packing company, it’s evident that there are chinks in our supply chain’s cybersecurity armor.

The Justice Department has now created a task force responsible for tracking and investigating all federal cases involving ransomware or any other cybersecurity matter.

“To ensure we can make necessary connections across national and global cases and investigations … we must enhance and centralize our internal tracking of investigations and prosecutions of ransomware groups and the infrastructure and networks that allow the threats to persist,” Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco told US attorneys throughout the country on Thursday. She issued the directive in a memo that was first reported by Reuters. Investigators in field offices around the country would be expected to share information as well.

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The Justice Department is finally making cybersecurity and ransomware a priority

This move by the Justice Department is a good first step, but they are several steps behind the bad guys already. Both government entities and business entities have not put enough effort or thought into securing vulnerable and key data points.

It’s disconcerting to know businesses and the government put that very little thought into security until two major hacks brought down important services. Furthermore, given that Colonial Pipeline paid the hackers their ransom only emboldens bad actors to continue their attacks.

Along with private businesses, the Justice Department has a lot of catching up to do, and most of this work should have been thought of years ago. So it will be interesting to see how effective this new task force is and what they’ll bring to the table.

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