Satechi announces its new Slim X2 Bluetooth backlit keyboard


Satechi may or may not be a brand you’ve heard of, but one thing is certain, they’re making a mark on the peripherals market. The company makes a host of peripherals aimed at PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. They’ve also been successful by offering goods at slightly lower prices than the competition.

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Satechi has several Bluetooth keyboards in its lineup, and today, it announced the latest, the Slim X2 Bluetooth backlit keyboard. Customers can use this keyboard with any Bluetooth device, but it seems directly marketed to iPad users.

Given that Apple is pushing the iPad Pro line as a full laptop replacement, it makes sense that peripheral companies are offering these types of devices. Here’s what the company had to say about this new keyboard:

Satechi Slim X2

Satechi designed the Slim X2 with work-from-home top of mind, ensuring that the keyboard offers users all they need for a day’s work, such as 10 days worth of battery life to last you nearly two full 40-hour work weeks and optional shortcut keys to make accessing most used programs a breeze.

Also equipped with adjustable backlit keys and a rechargeable USB-C port, the keyboard allows users to work with ease, wherever and whenever that might be. Compatible with Apple products, the Slim X2 also offers a sleek, aluminum finish that compliments Apple devices on any desk.

Not only are the brightness of the backlit keys and function hotkeys adjustable, but the keyboard settings allow users to type across up to four connected wireless devices through Bluetooth sync. With one press of a button, users can go from sending an email on a computer to finishing a grocery list on a phone, making the Slim X2 keyboard a seamless experience.

The Slim X2 comes with a convenient, rechargeable USB-C port for charging, though, with its 10 days worth of battery life while using backlight, or four to five months without, users won’t need to charge it very often.


Satechi’s Slim X2 Bluetooth Keyboard is available now on Satechi’s website and Amazon for US$79.99. The Slim X2 will also be 15% off at Satechi’s site as part of its Father’s Day sale with code THANKSDAD until Sunday, June 20.

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