iOttie Aivo Connect review: A decent option for in-car wireless charging with Alexa

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A wireless in-car charger is almost essential these days as most mainstream smartphones have wireless charging capabilities. I know my wife swears by them, and she gladly agreed to have me install the iOttie Aivo Connect into her 2016 Honda Odyssey.

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But the iOttie Aivo Connect isn’t just a wireless in-car charger; it also boasts Alexa capabilities which is great for those who use Amazon’s voice assistant. So even if you decide Alexa isn’t something you really need, the Aivo Connect is actually a decent option for in-car wireless charging. Read on for the full review of the iOttie Aivo Connect.


The iOttie Aivo Connect has the following features and specifications:

  • Alexa built-in (requires the Alexa app installed on your smartphone)
  • Fast-charging and Qi-Certified
    • 7.5W for iPhone
    • 10W for Android
  • Auto-Sense mounting
  • Two mounting options
    • Dashboard Mount
    • Window Mount
  • Input: 9V/1.67A, 5V/2A
  • Charging Port: USB-C
  • Depth: 2.68″
  • Width: 3.15″
  • Height: 4.61″
  • Weight: 6.17oz
  • Car Charger:
    • Input: 12V-24V
    • Output: USB-A 5V/2.1A, USB-C 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A

What’s In The Box

  • iOttie Aivo Connect
  • Cable with USB-C end and cigarette lighter end
  • Two mounting pads
  • Manual and documentation
iOttie Aivo Connect
The goodies


The design of the Aivo Connect is, for lack of a better term, bubbly. It has a lot of curves and a roundness to it that makes it look pudgy and stout. But, on the other hand, it’s not as angular as other wireless car mounts, and it does a good job of separating itself from the pack. It almost looks like a little mini robot pal on your dashboard.

The bottom of the Aivo Connect is a rounded cone shape with the familiar blue LED Alexa ring near and around the bottom. Around the back are the buttons to set up Alexa and manually invoke the voice assistant. The neck of the mount articulates forward and back to give you options for different angles.

However, the mount does not adjust from side to side, which limits other options for placement. I also found that since the mount base is chunky, it makes it hard to mount in certain areas. Because we have a dash-cam installed on the window, that mounting option was off the table. I was able to mount the Aivo Connect to the right of the Odyssey’s backup camera display.

The clamp on the Aivo Connect does a good job of holding my wife’s iPhone 12 Pro Max with a case. There is a button on the back of the clamp to open the clamp. When placing the phone on the mount, it opens and closes automatically a nice feature.

Aivo Connect
The back of the Aivo Connect

I do think some users may have issues mounting this on their dashboards, as many dashboards these days are far from flat. Luckily, you have the option to mount it on your windshield. But if you’re like us, we have a dashcam also mounted on the windshield. This meant I had to find somewhere on the dash to mount this, my final mounting space was still not ideal, and the mount does lean.

So it is a good idea to take note of your dashboard design and think about where you would mount the Aivo Connect before you buy. Unless you have space on the windshield, then you’re good to go.

One big missed opportunity on this design is the charging cable—two things on this. First, the cable should have been 6ft or more because 4ft limits how you can hide the cable. Second, I wish it would have come with two USB-A ports instead of one. Or even better, one USB-A and one USB-C port. These days, users need as many ports as possible, and two would have been nice to have.

Overall, the design is pretty simple and clean-looking. However, the Aivo Connect is a bit bulky, making it hard to place in some places, depending on your car and dashboard. Windshield mounting would be my recommendation, as long as you have space.

Ease of Use

The Aivo Connect is very simple to install and to use. Installation takes 5-15 minutes, more if you plan on hiding your wiring. It’s simple once you find your mounting point. Just plug it in and connect it to your Alexa app if you want to use Alexa. If you don’t want to use Alexa, then you can skip that step.

The mount has an auto-detect feature. When putting your phone in front of it, the clamp opens up to receive the phone and closes once the phone is flush against the back. To open the clamp, reach for your phone and push the button on the back of the clamp to release. The button is in the perfect spot, which makes this process simple.

There are a few buttons on the mount, and one of them is a mute button that allows you to stop Alexa from listening. Helpful if you need to bad-mouth Jeff Bezos and Amazon without them knowing it. There is also an invoke Alexa button on the back should the wake word not work for you. All the buttons are large and easy to feel and use.

Overall, the Aivo Connect is simple to use and set up. It works smoothly and holds the phone very securely, even with a case.

iOttie mount review
Wireless charging works well and the clamp holds tight.

Performance and Alexa

As for performance, the Aivo Connect does exactly what it says it does, wirelessly charge your iOS or Android device. You’ll only get 7.5W charging for iPhones, while Android users will get the full 10W charging capabilities.

You can talk to Alexa on your Aivo Connect mount. With Alexa, you can ask to get directions, play music, place calls, listen to audiobooks, hear the news, check the weather, control smart home devices, and tons more. This is helpful for those who don’t want to take their hands off the wheel.

iOttie does provide some requirements and guidance for using Alexa on the Aivo Connect, these are the main points the company wants you to know:

  • Some Alexa Skills may require an Amazon Prime membership.
  • Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is on and connected to your car’s Bluetooth.
  • The Aivo Connect with Built-in Alexa uses your cellular data when not connected to WiFi. A clear network connection is required for Alexa to work properly, otherwise, there may be delays or interruptions. iOttie is not liable for data usage.
  • Alexa streams from the cloud. Please note that this may use data. Data charges may apply.
  • Alexa streams media instead of local files. Please note that this may use data. iOttie is not liable for data usage.
  • For voice messaging, please allow permission settings by going to Contacts > Profile and Settings > Permission

Setting up the Aivo Connect is simple through the Alexa app; find the device listed in the app and tap it. The app will look for the Aivo Connect and pair with it. Then you go through the simple setup procedure, and when done, the ring around the bottom will glow blue.

From there, it’s just like using any other Alexa-powered device. You can call up navigation, and Alexa will use your device’s default map app for that. You can play music with your device’s default app as well. Play and pause and control your music by voice. You can ask Alexa to call someone, and it will take care of that as well.

Like Google Assistant, you can also ask Alexa to show you nearby things like gas stations, restaurants, and other landmarks. You can ask Alexa to interact with your other Alexa-powered devices like locks and thermostats.

If Alexa is a big part of your daily life and you live in that ecosystem, then it’s a great feature to have. Overall, Aivo Connect performs as advertised, and Alexa works as expected. But you don’t need to use Alexa if you don’t want to.

iOttie mount
I changed the location after the review was written. Our Honda’s dashboard has very few flat surfaces and the windshield was out because of our dash cam. But I did manage to find a decent mounting point.


Priced at US$89.99, the iOttie Aivo Connect is reasonably priced for a wireless charging mount. For Alexa users, the Alexa features are a huge added value. As of this publication, Amazon has 10% off this mount, making it even more affordable.

Wrap Up

The Aivo Connect has a lot going for it, and then there are a few pain points that may have some thinking twice. The design looks good and is simple, as are the buttons and functionality. But its bulk can limit mounting areas, and curvy dashboards beware. The cable does need to be longer, and iOttie should add another USB port to the charging pod.

But, it charges devices wirelessly very well, and the auto open and close works very well. It also features Alexa integration which is a huge plus for those living in that ecosystem. You can do everything with it as you would any other Alexa device.

Even if you’re not using Alexa, this is a decent option for wireless charging.

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