Secret Agent Dingledorf And His Trusty Dog Splat opens in theaters July 23rd


Believe it or not, there is a world beyond the Hollywood blockbuster curtain in which there live hundreds of films you may never see. Admittedly, many of those films aren’t much to write home about, but when Secret Agent Dingledorf And His Trusty Dog Splat came across my email, well, I was amused.

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I have learned in my many years as a father that kids are far more forgiving than adults. Movies like Secret Agent Dingledorf And His Trusty Dog Splat are exactly what my four small children love to watch. While it may never win an Oscar or any Hollywood accolade, I think it will resonate with kids all over, and that’s probably enough for the filmmakers.

Directed by award-winning television director Billy Dickson (One Tree Hill, Ally McBeal), the film stars Paul Johansson (Mad Men, One Tree Hill), Shiloh Nelson (Tomorrowland, Mom’s Night  Out), Zackary Arthur (Ray Donovan, The 5th Wave), Cooper J. Friedman (Shameless, Scandal), and Ryan O’Quinn (Believe, Paul’s Promise). The film is based on the children’s series (over 8 million copies sold), written by C.S. Lewis Honor Award-winning author Bill Myers, who also penned the script. 

Ten-year-old Bernie Dingledorf (Arthur), his trusty dog Splat, and his two geeky friends, Lens Cap (Nelson), a budding kid-director, and IQ (Friedman), his daydreaming friend that without fail always has the perfect last-minute solution, are tasked with stopping the mad genius, Dr. Chuckles (O’Quinn), a clown who has lost his sense of humor in the worst way possible. Chuckles has created a “laugh generator” that causes everyone to howl with hilarity uncontrollably; and which could derail a critical world peace conference. Only Bernie and his pals can stop Dr. Chuckles and avert a complete world disaster. 

Executive produced by Paul Arroyo and the author Bill Myers (The Winning Circle), the project was also produced by Derrick Warfel (Final Frequency), Billy Dickson (Believe), and Taylor Cole (Paul’s Promise). Be sure to check out the film’s website for more info.

Secret Agent Dingledorf And His Trusty Dog Splat opens in theaters July 23rd

“I’m excited to be working with Integrity Releasing to bring Secret Agent Dingledorf to theaters in the U.S.,” said author Bill Myers. “Integrity’s understanding of independent film promotion combined with their experience distributing family-friendly titles like ours makes this a perfect relationship to get our kid-centric adventure story to the widest audience possible.”

Bill Myers

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