Hadean Carbon electric skateboard offers more speed and longer range


Skateboards are far from new, but electric skateboards have become more popular over the past few years as an alternative means of transportation. Evolve Skateboards has just unveiled the Hadean electric skateboard that offers four times the performance and 37% more battery capacity than its previous GTR series.

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Available in street, all-terrain, or 2-in-1 configurations, the Hadean Series comes with your choice of a carbon fibre or bamboo deck. In the case of the Hadean Carbon, Evolve claims it is the world’s first chassis style frame crafted from forged carbon fibre and includes air vents to help keep the working electronics cool.

“Since the successful launch of our Carbon GTR series in 2019, we have looked to advance our product into a board that produces greater performance while maintaining the sleek, integrated electrical design the GTR is famous for. Improved performance required increased size of the battery and motors and this innovation overcame a size constraint that could improve the users’ control and riding experience.”

Jeff Anning, Founder of Evolve Skateboards

With 21700mAh lithium-ion battery cells in its 16AH battery and dual 3000-watt electric motors, the Hadean Carbon can get up to 31 mph and has a range of up to 43 miles on a single charge for the street version and up to 26mph and 24.8 miles for the all-terrain model with its beefier tires. The skateboard also comes with a dual-trigger remote for intuitive braking and acceleration. Real-time data is also displayed on the remote’s full-colour LCD display. The companion app lets you tweak the Hadean board, including adjusting power, acceleration, braking curves, the onboard lights, and more.

The Evolve Skateboards Hadean Carbon electric skateboard (all-terrain model)
The Evolve Skateboards Hadean Carbon electric skateboard (all-terrain model).

Full specifications of the Hadean Carbon include:

  • DECK MATERIAL: Forged carbon fibre
  • DECK LENGTH: 100cm (39.3″)
  • WHEEL BASE (AXLE TO AXLE): 96.5cm (38″)
  • TRUCKS: Evolve Super Carve Trucks – Forged/CNC & Cast components – 30.6cm (12″) width, 8mm axles
  • WHEELS: Evolve custom-formula 97mm, 76a urethane wheels, made in USA OR Evolve 175mm/7 inch pneumatic tyres, Evolve all-terrain hubs
  • MOTOR: Dual 3000w-rated 6368 custom brushless sensored motors
  • MOTOR CONTROLLER/ESC: Evolve Custom 50V Dual-Motor Driver, FOC motor commutation, Bluetooth connection & adjustable acceleration curves
  • BEARINGS: Evolve Precision Ceramic Bearings
  • BATTERY: 43.2V, 16AH, 691.2Wh, custom-built 12S4P configuration, 21700 Cells on custom flexible PCB using custom BMS – maximum continuous discharge 140amp
  • RECHARGE: 3.5-4hr
  • REMOTE: Evolve Phaze remote with CNC aluminium-reinforced body
    • Street: 12.3kg (27.1lb)
    • All-terrain: 13.5kg (29.7lb)
    • Street: 65km (40.4 miles)
    • All-terrain: 40km (24.8 miles)
    • Street: 50km/hr (31mph)
    • All-terrain: 42km/hr (26mph)
  • MAX LOAD: 100kg / 220lb
    • Street: Sealed surfaces- asphalt & concrete roads & footpaths
    • All-terrain: Short grass, dirt, gravel, roads and footpaths
    • Street: Yes
    • All-terrain: Offroad yes, not recommend on sealed surfaces
  • HILLS: 35% +
  • BRAKING: FOC regenerative braking with smooth engagment and adjustable brake curves
  • AESTHETICS: World-first and industry-leading chassis-style deck made from forged carbon fibre. The deck seamlessly integrates performance with technology. A custom CNC heatsink incorporates cooling vents and adds to the sophistcated performance styling.
  • LIGHTS: Integrated under-body & logo LED lights with user-customisable control via the remote and Evolve app, including Smart Brake Lights

The Hadean Series skateboards aren’t cheap, though. You can order the street or all-terrain models starting at US$2549 or the 2-in-1, which includes street and terrain wheels starting at $2,799.

What do you think about the Hadean Carbon electric skateboard from Evolve Skateboards? Is it something you’d consider picking up? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.


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