How technology de-stressed the pet transport process


Transporting any animal or pet is a challenging task. A range of factors contribute to the animal’s safety, and there are regulations in place to ensure that no harm occurs. 

It’s common for accidents to happen, regardless, but the goal of any transportation driver is to limit these accidents any way they can. Thankfully, there are new technologies that can be used to make the process more efficient and safer. Whether it’s a farm animal or your family dog, all animals should be treated with the same respect we show humans. 

With that in mind, let’s discuss common transport issues people face with animals. We’ll also cover some of the tech that is used to ensure safe transportation.

Transportation Issues for Pets

The thought of bringing an animal onto a plane can be scary for pet owners, especially new ones. It’s impossible to understand how an environment could impact an animal when they don’t have a voice to speak up. 

Uncomfortable situations can cause higher anxiety levels in animals, leaving them vulnerable to experiencing physical health issues. For example, dogs flying in a cargo hold of an aircraft may not have proper air ventilation, making it difficult for them to breathe. This places extra stress on the animal and makes for a chaotic flight experience.

Some airlines consider animals to be excess baggage, while others allow small animals to sit in economy with you during your flight. It can make a world of difference knowing your pet is safe with you in your lap, and many flyers would prefer that option over shipping pets on another flight or through a shipping service. However, it isn’t always feasible, especially if pets weigh over 100 pounds. 

Thankfully, there are services available nationwide that will handle the transportation needs of your pet. They’ll ensure that they are comfortable during their journey and are given back to you safe and sound. Let’s look at some of the technology that is used to improve the transportation process.

New Tech for Pet Transport

Regardless of industry, new technological innovations allow most processes to become more seamless, and the hope is that this will apply to the pet transportation industry. Although some organizations work to make flying or driving more comfortable for pets, companies have a consistent challenge to find the best accommodations. 

We’ll explore three examples of how some companies incorporate new technology into their business models to ensure safe animal shipping.

Delta’s CarePod

You’ve seen stories about animals being separated from their owners during a flight, and Delta’s CarePod is a possible solution to this issue. The new pet carrier has many distinguishing features that make pet transport effortless and safe. Here are some of the features:

  • Pet Hydration System: Owners can rest assured that their pet will be hydrated throughout the flight from start to finish. 
  • Bright Pink Color: Airline workers loading and unloading will recognize the bright color and understand that the carrier must be handled with care.
  • Viewing Window: Animals will see out of the carrier, so they aren’t entirely closed off from the outside world.
  • Triple Secure Door: Doors on the carrier lock with a hinge system, so there’s no chance animals can escape onboard.
  • Feeding Tray: Animals will be able to eat and won’t be left hungry while flying.
  • Active GPS Tracking: It’s possible to track where pets are in the unloading, flying, and loading processes.
  • Shaded Windows: Windows around the entire carrier make it comfortable for the pet flying.
  • Weather Insulated Protected Walls: Temperature will be more controlled during flight.
  • Secure Closures: When appropriately closed, a light indicator turns green to let airline workers know the pet is safe and secure.
  • Easy-to-Use Handles: The carrier is easy to transport because of the four handles available.

The CarePod is available at eight airports: Atlanta, JFK, LaGuardia, Boston, San Francisco, West Palm Beach, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis. This new tech innovation can monitor a pet’s state while traveling, which is invaluable to pet owners. 

Slant Trailers for Horses

It’s not uncommon to see horses being transported on highways all over the country. There are several types of trailers that horses will stand in during transit, but there’s one specific type best for the horse. Slant or straight trailers are known to be forgiving on horses’ legs, making it more comfortable for them to stand for extended periods.  

It’s no easy task fitting a horse into a trailer, but it’s essential to consider how long they’ll be standing. It’s recommended that slant trailers are used for longer trips, whereas other types of trailers like living quarter trailers or gooseneck trailers may be better suited for shorter trips.

Regardless of the animal being transported, it’s vital to their health to be as comfortable as possible during their trip. Think of humans traveling — it’s uncomfortable to sit in a car or plane for too long, and the same goes for animals. Being considerate is necessary for transporting animals safely.

this is your pet
Here’s a photo of a cute dog.


One tech innovation Unisys has developed is Digi-Pet, a service that offers extra personalization for pet owners when they travel with their beloved pets. Owners can access an app that monitors the real-time temperature, humidity, and GPS location information as their pet is being transported. 

The new app relies on the Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technology and allows pet owners to speak to their pets via live chat. Owners can tune into a live stream and see how their pet is doing during the flight. It’s as close as owners can get to flying right beside their pet, which is a significant milestone in pet transportation.

The system monitors the animal’s comfort levels, and if any incidents arise, they can be immediately handled once the plane has landed. Unisys’ innovation makes for a high-quality flying experience for both pets and pet owners. One benefit of this new technology is that aside from just domestic pets, it can be used for farm animals.

Stress-Free Pet Travel

The last thing a pet owner should have to worry about is that their pet is uncomfortable, anxious, or fearful of foreign surroundings. It’s always a good idea for pet owners to train their animals to get used to their carriers if they are shipped or flown to a destination. New tech will help us care for our animals and ensure their safety during long trips.

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